Why Fans Have Questions About Aaron Carter’s Sobriety in His Latest Instagram Post

Aaron Carter just keeps making headlines with his social media posts, especially the ones on Instagram. This latest one has fans asking questions about his sobriety. Read on to learn more about it and what people are really saying.

Aaron Carter’s latest upload to Instagram

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Carter poses in the photo with his signature move with a finger over his mouth. It wasn’t Carter’s image exactly that has people talking, but his caption of it.

“1 blunt 🔥 Pizza Hut 🍕 4 hour of YouTube Live Making a Track and Marvel Movies binge,” Carter captioned the post.

Instagram users respond to Carter’s post

Fans have a lot of feelings about this information and they aren’t afraid to let Carter hear them. At the same time, a lot of people offered words of encouragement to the artist.

“Sounds like a chill night that’s what’s up,” an Instagram user wrote.

“You’re the best btw Aaron. Keep your head up,” someone else said.

“Mmmmm I want Pizza Hut ❤️ looks delish. Enjoy love 🦁,” another said.

People seem to approve of his way to spend the night. “That’s a great night. 💜🎉,” someone else wrote.

Fans have thoughts on Carter’s sobriety

People can’t help but ask Carter questions about his sobriety at the same time. “It’s so cool that you smoke weed. Best of luck with your ‘sobriety.’ I think the fact that you get more dislikes on your YT lives then you have viewers speaks volumes about what people think of you,” another Instagram user commented.

A number of others asked about his sobriety as well. “Thought you were sober 🤣🤣🤣👋,” a user asked.

“Pathetic,” someone else wrote.

One person thinks Carter needs help. “Get some help. Seriously,” another commented

“Only one blunt?” another inquired about the situation.

Some people still have questions about another recent post

The image Carter posted before this one still has fans talking. People asked questions about it in his latest upload as well. Carter posted an image with his girlfriend, Melanie Martin. Again, the caption has people talking more than anything else.

“Only for our fans…… #onlyfans coming soon ……..,” Carter captioned the post.

OnlyFans is a social media service that people are known to use to make money. People subscribe to profiles for a fee. These profiles can feature a number of things. Just do a quick Google search for it and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Fans still have questions about what Carter means and when he’s going to drop more information. “When are you gonna drop that OnlyFans link 😏,” someone asked Carter.

Other people want to know if he’s serious or not. “You really making an OnlyFans?” another Instagram user asked.

“OnlyFans already! 🎉🎉,” another wrote.

Some people seem really excited about the whole thing. “Are you really getting an OnlyFans? 🤭 Please say yes,” someone else wanted to know.

As always, Aaron Carter is making headlines through his social media posts. Stay tuned for the latest information on the artist that people are constantly talking about.