Why Some Fans Are Saying the ‘Producers Are Evil’ After Watching ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 4 Preview

The most recent Bachelor promo shows the women and Peter Weber heading to Cleveland for a drama-filled one-on-one and group date.

Peter Weber | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Victoria Fuller scores a one-on-one date with Weber that includes a private concert with musician Chase Rice. We see Victoria F. attempting to dance with Weber while looking extremely uncomfortable. Later, when the two are alone, we hear her tell the bachelor she previously dated Rice.

During the group date, we see the return of Alayah Benavidez, who was eliminated the previous episode after several contestants told Weber they fear she’s “here for the wrong reasons.”

What Bachelor Nation thinks of the preview and the role producers play in ‘The Bachelor’

One thing it seems most of Bachelor Nation can agree on is that the producers were busy this season cooking up the juiciest drama they possibly could.

The YouTube comments under the Episode 4 preview include plenty of producer talk. Some fans feel they went too far with the Victoria F./Chase Rice run-in.

“It’s honestly soooo disrespectful to all parties involved (Peter and Victoria) that they brought Chase Rice of ALL people to their one-on-one, but it will make great tv! But you sometimes have to wonder the psychological toll these things have on the contestants who are real people, and the responsibility these producers take… It’s lowkey malicious to do this,” commented one YouTube user.

“That was dirty of the producers,” agreed another.

“For a second I had hope that Victoria would have a better week… the producers are so messed up for this,” wrote one Victoria F. fan.

“Producers are evil….” commented another fan.

“I know that producers live for the drama but do they seriously have no shame,” wrote another.

One fan recalled something former bachelor Colton Underwood said about why he chose to lie to producers.

“They always asked to rank the girls, and very early on, Hannah [Godwin] was up there. And she got left off of a date. And I sort of recall remember feeling a little burnt when they did that. I was like, so let me get this straight. Hannah’s number one on my list right now, and she’s not getting a date this week?” Underwood said on the This American Life podcast with Emanuele Berry of his time on The Bachelor. From that point forward, he wasn’t honest about who his “top girls” really were.

The fan isn’t sure how it’s possible to form meaningful connections when producers use contestants “as pawns in the storyline.”

“I want to talk about this drama and take sides but I remember Colton saying that he let the producers know his top picks and essentially using all the other participants as pawns in the storyline. No wonder he’s going to be conflicted in the end. How do you build a really genuine connection or how do you even have the opportunity to think of it that way,” they wrote.

We’ll have to wait and see if Weber’s able to form “a really genuine connection” with any of the women. And how big of a role the producers will play in the rest of the season.

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