Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Love This ‘Flawed’ Character So Much

Few shows can compete with the fame and fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Since season one Grey’s Anatomy has been known for its dramatic storylines and, of course, the iconic and compelling characters. George O’Malley and Christina Yang were two fan-favorites who have since departed the show, but many of the most-loved characters are the ones that have been there since day one or, in this case, since episode one.

Take a closer look at the series and why fans of Grey’s Anatomy love this “flawed” character so much. 

The beloved cast and characters of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 


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Over the years, Grey’s Anatomy has had some outstanding actors and actresses on the cast of the medical-based drama. Of course, fans of the series probably fondly remember Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens. Patrick Dempsey was another highly-favored actor who was cast as a main character when Grey’s Anatomy first premiered. 

Nowadays, the cast looks a little different from season one, but there are still many original and familiar faces. Chandra Wilson’s character Miranda Bailey has been a staple of the show since season one. Ellen Pompeo, the talented actress who plays Meredith Grey, has in so many ways become the face of the popular series.

There have also been some new and welcomed additions throughout the seasons. Jackson Avery is just one of them. Jesse Williams is the handsome and skilled actor who plays his role. It is hard to pick a favorite, but it seems like fans and viewers of the series may already have. 

Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans love this ‘flawed’ character so much 

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Fans and viewers of the series often go to Reddit to discuss all things Grey’s Anatomy. This Reddit thread was no exception. Loyal fans of the television show have just about seen it all, and through the good and the bad there is one character that audiences typically find themselves rooting for. That “flawed” character that so many viewers love is indeed Richard Webber. 

The Reddit thread highlights an endless amount of reasons why people adore his character. From his paternal vibes to Richard Webber’s signature pep talks, the list and discussion went on and on. One user seemed to say it best and wrote, “I love Richard. A very flawed character but one of the most interesting for sure. Well written and well acted – I wouldn’t say James Pickens jr is necessarily one of the best actors on paper but he really brings Webber to life.” Many of the comments echoed similar sentiments.

Some of Richard Webber’s most memorable moments on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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In the Reddit discussion many fans used the thread as an opportunity to reflect on some of their favorite Richard Webber moments. One user reminiscing wrote, “Richard has the most funniest moments in a show like Grey’s, especially that twitter episode where you wanted to see Bailey’s “teets”. Lol”. Another person brought up the dance moves he showed off just the other week to quietly and safely celebrate the good news of Meredith Grey’s improving health. 

Of course, many of fans’ favorite moments and scenes were from when he was “the chief”. Ironically enough, even when he stepped down from the role, he still went as “the chief”. Many fans think this is a sign of the character’s insurmountable respect and leadership skills. Nevertheless, even though he isn’t perfect, Richard Webber is definitely one of the fans’ favorites.