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Angela Simmons has carved out a lane for herself by promoting body positivity. The Growing Up Hip Hop star actively promotes healthy living on her social media and encourages women to say no to plastic surgery and build the body they desire through hard work with exercise. Simmons has been criticized for some of her bikini shots but has no intention of slowing down her posts anytime soon, as she says it’s her way of inspiring women to be their best selves.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons via Twitter

Angela Simmons has received criticism for showing off her body on social media, including from her former friend and co-star Romeo Miller

Miller and Simmons were once close friends and even toyed with dating but their friendship fell apart throughout the last season of Growing Up Hip Hop. Miller insists that he has no hard feelings toward Simmons and that they simply grew apart from each other.

Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons
Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons via Twitter

But Simmons and her family believe that Miller cut her off after feeling rejected by her not wanting to be in a romantic relationship. She also accused Miller of not being there for her when her ex-fiance and father of her son was killed. 

Despite Miller’s stance that he doesn’t have any negative feelings toward Simmons, fans believe that a recent comment about her social media hints to otherwise. An avid fitness junkie, Simmons is known to share videos of her working out and posts photos of her progress online. Many of her photos are of her in little clothing showing to show the full scope of her progress. Miller believes that Simmons has curated her image online for attention.

Source: Instagram

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“Angela, she likes that camera. Even the way your sister moves, I don’t wanna be connected to it,” he revealed to Simmons’ sister Vanessa in a scene from the show. “I don’t wanna be that guy on Shade Room being messy, you sister and NBA players, [her] taking pictures like she’s a social media model…You’re Angela Simmons, you don’t have to do all of that.”

Angela Simmons says she shows her body off to inspire others 

Simmons isn’t letting the naysayers stop her from showing off her naturally built body on her social media channels. She explains in an upcoming episode of Growing Up Hip Hop that she’s worked hard to get the results she has with her body and has always been health conscious.

Source: Instagram

More importantly, Simmons wants to be an example to other women, especially in a world where women are running to a plastic surgeon instead of a gym. Her sister Vanessa has also been open about her struggles with her body image after gaining weight in the last few years. Simmons wants to show her sister that she can get the body she wants by working hard and not to be discouraged by combatting images online.

Source: Instagram

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“I really don’t care what anyone else has to say about how I show my body. I hope I can be an inspiration for my sister, because it took me a while to get where I’m at,” Simmons said.

Angela Simmons has a fitness brand dedicated to being naturally fit

Simmons is taking her love of fitness and body positivity to the next level. The reality star has founded a new movement, Built Not Bought, which encourages women to adapt to the lifestyle change of eating clean and exercising to get the fitness results they want the natural way. 

Simmons plans to have a full fitness program tailored to individual subscribers, along with eating and workout tips. She also is working on a shapewear line and a line of fitness clothing for purchase.