Why Gwen Stefani Waited for a ‘Proper Proposal’ From Blake Shelton Before They Got Engaged

After years of rumors, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announced they’re engaged. The Voice coaches reportedly wanted to wait before taking the next step. There is a new rumor that she waited for a proper proposal for a reason.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged

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Stefani and Shelton started dating five years ago after working together on The Voice. They confirmed they’re engaged with a cute picture of them kissing and Stefani showing her ring.

They posted the picture on Oct. 27. Stefani wrote “. @blakeshelton yes please! gx.” The country singer tweeted, “Hey @gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020… And the rest of my life.. I love you. I heard a YES!”

Multiple sources told People the couple got engaged recently in Oklahoma. The couple previously stayed together at Shelton’s ranch with Stefani’s family.

She waited for a proper proposal

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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The couple took a few years before getting engaged. Entertainment Tonight claims a source explained Shelton decided it was time to pop the question during the pandemic. This is because he realized how important it is to spend time with the people he loves.

The insider also claimed Stefani knew pretty quickly he was the one. “She is very old fashioned and told friends she wanted to wait until she received a proper proposal from Blake,” the source said. “They have lived like a married couple for so long that those closest to them already saw them as ‘married’ but now they are finally making it official and their family is excited by the announcement.”

The insider claimed the couple has talked about their plans for a future wedding. “Gwen has always spoken about a big traditional wedding with family and friends but they plan to wait and see how the pandemic pans out,” the source said. “And in the meantime, enjoy their engagement.”

Her friends aren’t the only ones who saw them as married

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The source claimed their friends already saw them as married, and they’re not the only ones. Some fans and other celebrities also assumed they were already married.

Dua Lipa recently talked to Stefani on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She accidentally referred to Shelton as Stefani’s husband. “Um, well…he’s not my husband, but that sounded cool when you said it,” Stefani said. Dua Lipa commented on Stefani’s engagement post on Instagram with “I guess our little interview aged well!!!!! Congratulations!!! Best news.”

Other celebrities also shared their reactions. “AMAZING! Congratulations to you both!!” John Legend wrote. “Awwww babes!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!” wrote Alicia Keys.

It sounds like Stefani has been open to the idea of marrying Shelton for quite some time. She wanted a proposal first because of tradition. Hopefully, the couple will talk about getting engaged for fans to learn more.