Why Has the Internet Canceled Logan Paul Again?

Logan Paul is no stranger to online controversy. He might be one of the most controversial YouTubers in history. Wildly popular with a young demographic, the vlogger is decidedly unpopular with older viewers and social media aficionados. Described as a loose cannon, it’s hard to predict what Paul is going to do next, and how people will react to it. Right now, a hashtag denouncing the YouTuber is trending on Twitter. 

What did Logan Paul say to ignite controversy this time? 

Paul had been a little too quiet lately. The controversial YouTube star, however, was ready to change all of that. Rolling into a press conference in London, fans were just waiting to see what crude statement would come flying out of his mouth. Paul, 24, managed to surprise everyone with just how far he’d take his “beef” with KSI. During a bit of smack talk ahead of their Nov. 9 fight, Paul poked fun at KSI over alleged abortions. 

The YouTuber told onlookers that KSI, whose real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, was on his fifth abortion.  He continued, “That’s five babies dead and I think I’m gonna return the favor, and I might kill you man, I might end you man.” Onlookers took Paul’s comments as anti-abortion rhetoric, and few people were thrilled. 

Twitter is busy canceling Paul for his commentary, but it’s far from the first time he’s been allegedly canceled by the Twitterverse. He keeps coming back, and it appears as though his Nov. 9 fight is still on. Paul has yet to make a statement regarding the controversy. 

The recent statements come on the heels of another odd announcement made by Paul. Back in January 2019, Paul made comments about being gay that didn’t sit well with the LGBTQ+ community. On a podcast, he said, “We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.”

Paul’s comments were made in jest, leaving members of the LGBTQ+ community feeling hurt. One Twitter user noted that Paul clearly doesn’t understand the struggles that many within the community face regarding their sexuality, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Paul later apologized for the comments. 

Paul was “canceled’ over a controversial video 

Paul has never seemed to be good at picking and choosing what to say or film. He caught the ire of many followers in December 2017 when he posted a video depicting a dead body. Paul, who was visiting Japan at the time, decided to film in Suicide Forest. The park is known for its high suicide rate. 

Paul and his cohorts stumbled upon a recently departed man and opted to film the scene. Not only did Paul choose to shoot the gruesome discovery, but he uploaded the video to YouTube. Shortly after the video was posted, it was pulled from YouTube. Paul issued an apology, but followers weren’t buying it. A petition to remove Paul from YouTube amassed almost 500,000 signatures, according to the Huffington Post

Why does Paul keep coming back? 

While Twitter has attempted to cancel Paul on multiple occasions, he just keeps coming back. His videos continue to amass millions of views, and his follower count continues to grow. Regardless of a faction of people interested in “canceling” the young star, he remains marketable. 

Logan Paul onstage at the KSI VS. Logan Paul 2
Logan Paul | Michael Tran/Getty Images

Paul’s ability to bounce back might have something to do with the demographic he panders to. Tweens and teens across the world follow Paul. While young adults on Twitter are ready to see him gone, his young follower aren’t. In short, Twitter can try to “cancel” him all they want, but as long as young fans continue to watch him, he’ll be sticking around.