Why Hasn’t Lauryn Hill Released a Second Album in Over 22 Years?

Though Lauryn Hill is best known for her musical talents the young star began in the entertainment industry pursuing a career in acting. Hill was only a teenager when she accepted a role on the popular soap opera As the World Turns. Hill also had the opportunity to work alongside Whoopi Goldberg when she was cast in Sister Act II: Back in the Habit. However, the music seemed to be what Hill was most interested in. Take a closer look at Hill’s journey in the spotlight and the speculation surrounding why she never released a second album. 

Lauryn Hill on stage singing into a microphone
Lauryn Hill | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

A look back at Lauryn Hill’s music career

It was no secret that Hill had many talents. According to Biography, at a young age, Hill formed a band with her close friends. Though the original band name underwent some changes, the members ultimately decided on the Fugees. The hip-hop group consisted of Hill, Pras Michel, and Wyclef Jean. Though the group seemed pretty successful, in the end, the intense underlying drama forced the group to split. 

Hill and Jean were having an affair when Hill became pregnant. According to HuffPost, Jean said Hill purposefully led him to believe that the child was his when Hill knew the truth all along. When Jean found out that Bob Marley’s son was actually the father of Hill’s baby, he was too distraught to continue Fugees. As a result, Hill began to focus on her own music. 

Why hasn’t Lauryn Hill released a solo album in 22 years? 

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The world still remembers when Hill released her first in 1998. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill became an instant hit. Rolling Stone reports Mary J. Blige went as far as to call it “one of the most incredible albums ever made.” Hill went on to win multiple Grammy Awards for the album. The talented celebrity seemed to blow away her listeners with her first album, but some of her fans may be wondering why she never released a second album. Some sources wonder if it had anything to do with the lawsuit her former band members took up against her for not giving them due credit and compensation for their contributions to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Luckily, Hill was able to resolve the issue out of the courtroom and gave both of her former band members five million dollars, as reported by The Guardian.

Though Hill hasn’t spoken out directly on the issue, there is a lot of speculation and assumptions surrounding the manner. For instance, Pras went on the record sharing that Hill’s lack of music was a result of a lack of inspiration, according to Metro. However, the news and headlines indicated another possible explanation. Some people may be surprised that Hill actually had to serve some time in prison. In 2013 the famous celebrity was imprisoned for tax evasion. Talk about a sticky situation. 

What has Lauryn Hill been up to recently?

Some MTV fans may recall Hill’s painful live performance on Unplugged from the early 2000s, but other than going to jail, what has the famous musician been up to? Though she hasn’t released an album, it does appear that Hill is still working on music. Some people may have been surprised to see Hill’s name listed as a contributor for Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack. Her new song, “Guarding the Gates,” was featured in the groundbreaking film written and co-produced by Lena Waithe. The song seems to be a hit, and Rolling Stone even called “Guarding the Gates” “mesmerizing.” Though it is unclear what Hill has planned for the future, it is likely that her fans would gladly welcome a second album if the time ever comes.