‘Why Her?’ Episode 1: Oh Soo-jae Loses Everything as Her Connection to Gong Chan Is Teased

The newest June K-drama captures attention within the first episode. Why Her? stars actor Seo Hyun-jin as a cutthroat lawyer Oh Soo-jae, who loses everything instantly. From a nobody in one of Korea’s top law firms, she rose to the top to dominate using her tactics, vigor, and cold-hearted logic. Why Her? Episode 1 established Soo-jae’s story while teasing her connection to the main character.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Why Her? Episode 1]

Seo Hyun-jin as Oh Soo-jae in 'Why Her?' Episode 1 wearing black dress.
Seo Hyun-jin as Oh Soo-jae in ‘Why Her?’ Episode 1 | via SBS

Oh Soo-jae went from high school diploma to the most feared lawyer in the courtroom in ‘Why Her?’ Episode 1

At the beginning of Why Her? Episode 1, Soo-jae is already regarded as TK Law firm’s top lawyer who makes sure her clients get away scot-free. Fans see her abilities as she helps a future presidential candidate get out of a sticky situation. Soo-jae’s real talent is displayed in the courtroom as she defends a biochemical company being sued for causing a child’s lung disease.

While emotions run high, Soo-jae remains cool and gives surmounting evidence that dismisses the case in favor of her client. The child in question never grew up in the supposed polluted neighborhood and is adopted. The parents used the child to get a payout. Soo-jae’s climb to the top continues as the law firm’s president and other head figures decide on the firm’s new CEO.

Soo-jae does the unthinkable and rats out her fellow lawyer to the president and has him off the case. In return, Soo-jae takes over the client on her own and seizes his files. The firm president and the others worry about implicating knowledge in the files. Seeing Soo-jae as his pawn, the president appoints her CEO.

A mishandled assault case forced Oh Soo-jae to lose everything she has worked for

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As CEO, the male lawyers have turned against Soo-jae with envy. Soo-jae has shown her cold demeanor and sharp way of speaking. But it soon lands her in hot water when a client is caught up in a sexual assault case. It just so happens that Soo-jae’s client is an assemblyman with hopes of becoming president and someone she dated.

A female bar hostess claims the assemblyman assaulted her while drunk. But Soo-jae cuts down her chances of moving forward with the case when presenting evidence of two other hostesses claiming she planned it. Soo-jae also brings up the female’s family with an alcoholic father and an ill mother.

When facing Soo-jae, no one is safe. Soo-jae makes it clear that in Korea, the public is not on the victim’s side and explains she will likely ruin her life if she goes to court. Soo-jae not only ruins the female hostess’ case but breaks her entirely. Despite Soo-jae’s secretary saying the hostess is also a victim, Soo-jae explains she is not her client.

After hours, Soo-jae leaves the office. As she walks past the front, a body falls from above and lands on the company’s statue. Soo-jae is covered in blood and soon realizes the person is the female hostess. The company’s head lawyers call for Soo-jae’s leave of absence in the aftermath. But Soo-jae does not back down but is forced to when meeting privately with the president.

Two main characters meet by fate in ‘Why Her?’ Episode 1

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Due to the death, the company worries Soo-jae will tarnish the prestigious law firm’s image. The firm’s president takes Soo-jae to a fishing market for soju and sashimi. Despite having faith in Soo-jae, he suggests she leaves and becomes an adjunct professor at a local university. Soo-jae is outraged that her dedication and hard work mean nothing. She is also enraged that she is being made out to be a murderer.

It just so happens that Why Her? Episode 1 also established her first meeting with Gong Chan (Hwang In-youp). Angered by what she has been told, Gong Chan works at the market and accidentally drops fish near her. In a fuel of rage, she berates him and slaps him. Soo-jae later goes to the beach, where she has fond memories of her late father and cries.

Fast forward, and Gong Chan is seen running to class. The class goes on without a professor until Soo-jae makes her grand appearance. Gong Chan is stunned to see her and, once reading her name, realizes who she is. In a flashback, what is supposedly a young Gong Chan is in jail. But he went by the name Kim Dong-goo. With a beaten-up face, he meets with Soo-jae when she was still a newbie lawyer.

Gong Chan refuses her help, thinking she will not believe him. But she stops him and makes him listen to a song that seals their fate. Why Her? Episode 1 ends with Gong Chan running after Soo-jae.

Why Her? is available to stream on Viki.

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