Why ‘Hollywood Unlocked’s’ Jason Lee Called Out Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s newest Netflix docuseries, Don’t F**k This Up, has been receiving a lot of attention. From his wife’s emotional recollection of Kevin’s cheating scandal – to a scene that involves Kevin and his personal trainer almost coming to blows – the headlines for the series keep coming.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart 2019 | Dominic Lorrimer/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images

The latest to make news is Kevin being displeased with media outlets using his cheating scandal as a headline. Kevin responded to the founder of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee, and got the rebuttal of a lifetime in video form. 

Who is ‘Hollywood Unlocked’s’ Jason Lee?

Lee has been in entrainment for over 20 years. He got his start working with Queen Latifah in the early 90s and worked alongside her behind the scenes on the hit FOX sitcom, Living Single.

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He appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood in its second season to use the reality series as a platform to promote his podcast Hollywood Unlocked. Since the podcast premiered, Lee has broken major media stories, including the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson/Khloe Kardashian saga – and the infamous one-on-one interview with Kelis where she accused her former husband, rapper Nas, of physical abuse.

Lee continues to appear on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and Hollywood Unlocked is now aired daily on iHeart. 

Kevin Hart responds to posts on ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ and ‘The Shade Room’

Like most blogs, Hollywood Unlocked shared clips of Hart’s docuseries, especially related to his wife’s retelling of his cheating fiasco. Apparently, Kevin did not take well to the post and felt that it was in poor taste. He gave the same energy to The Shade Room when they posted the same clip. 

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“Such a strong powerful documentary and this is the headline that you pull from it,” Kevin wrote in the comment section of both Hollywood Unlocked and The Shade Room’s post. “Sad times we live in. Carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful new day…happy new year.” 

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Jason Lee calls out Kevin Hart after the comedian comments on post related to his documentary

Lee posted to Hollywood Unlocked’s IG TV in response to Kevin’s disapproval of the site posting the clip. In a seven-minute video, Lee called out Hart on his series, Problematic with Jason Lee, for what he considers hypocrisy, for Kevin’s refusal to apologize for his past comments about the LGBT community, and he also took jabs at Eniko. 

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For starters, Lee expressed his confusion regarding why Kevin was so disturbed by the post when the comedian included the cheating scandal in his documentary for the world to see – and has spoken openly about cheating on both his ex-wife Torrei and his current wife since it occurred. 

Lee accused Kevin of publicly bashing Torrei. Torrei has alleged that she was in the trenches with Kevin while he climbed to the top, only for him to move on with someone else when he became famous. Lee also didn’t take too kindly to Kevin praising Eniko while bashing Torrei, especially because he eventually cheated, which Lee considers a pattern of toxic behavior. 

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Lee then shared private direct messages between him and Eniko in which they argued about the Harts alleged fake public image and how it contradicts their personal lives. Lee called out Eniko for being an alleged homewrecker, as it’s widely speculated that she and Kevin began dating while he was still married to Torrei.

Next, Lee accuses Kevin of using black media to promote his work but fails to give them proper credit for assisting in his star rising. He says that Kevin refuses to address black media on red carpets and instead, uses mainstream media for exclusive interviews and his major press. 

“You forgot that the black journalists are the ones that put you where you are in that big old house, with your dogs and your family and your wife,” Lee said. “Why don’t you attack E!, why don’t you attack People?…because you need them to say that you are doing a good job.”

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Finally, Lee addresses Hart’s past comments made about the LGBT community and his refusal to apologize during the Oscars hosting scandal. “You’re not trying to show us that you like gay people,” Lee said. “You’re showing is that you want to protect your brand.” 

Geesh! Kevin has yet to respond to Lee’s video.