Why is Princess Charlotte Worth More Than Prince George? The Net Worth of All Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kids

Princess Charlotte with Prince William and Prince George

Prince William with Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte and Prince George are two very rich toddlers. The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are third and fourth in line to the throne and are powerful members of the royal family with potential to influence both the British public and the world as they grow.

Despite Prince George’s higher rank to the British throne, it’s Princess Charlotte that is currently the richest of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children. We disclosed why she’s worth more as well as both Prince George and Prince Louis’ net worths.

Princess Charlotte’s net worth is nearing $5 billion

Princess Charlotte’s net worth is something she has her mother, Kate Middleton, to thank for. Royal fashion drives and sets precedence for what us “commoners” wear, so photos of Kate and Charlotte are more likely to inspire people to buy the outfits or brands they wear than George or Prince Louis will.

Take, for example, the photos Kate Middleton took of Charlotte for her second birthday. The pastel yellow cardigan the young princess wore from John Lewis sold out in 24 hours thanks to the “Charlotte Effect.” Even as a child, and likely before she knows what the term means, Charlotte is an influencer in the fashion world.

All three of the royal children are proven to make the U.K. richer.

“The royal children have a positive impact on the sales of particular clothes and toys brands they wear or play with,” Brand Finance CEO David Haigh said in a statement. “In this sense, they have a very similar effect on brands as their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has a real Midas touch – everything she touches turns into gold.”

Prince George’s net worth is slightly lower at around $3 billion

While George’s net worth is slightly lower, he is still a trendsetter in children’s fashion. The blue cardigan Prince George wore to meet his mother and newborn Charlotte at the hospital sold out within the day. The bathrobe and slippers he wore to meet then-President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama met the same fate.

The “Prince George” effect is as present as Charlotte’s in fashion and toys, especially after 2015 when Prince George landed himself on the “50 Best Dressed Men in Britain” list in a designer Rachel Riley outfit.

Prince Louis’ net worth will likely be the lowest of all

While Louis generated around $125 million for the U.K. economy at the time of his birth, his net worth will likely be the lowest due to his position as the third child. George and Charlotte scored the spots of first-born son and daughter respectively which MONEY predicted put them at a financial advantage.

The Centre for Retail Research anticipated the U.K. would profit over $39 million in Prince Louis and royal family memorabilia and over $28 million in “infant goods.”

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