Why Jennifer Lopez Once Gave Her Manicurist Grief For Weeks

Jennifer Lopez is a known for being a beauty and fashion icon. For the past twenty years, her looks have been admired by people all over the world, and her famous Versace dress at the Grammy Awards in 2000 even inspired the creation of Google Images. Additionally, Lopez has ventured into fashion designing and set up her own clothing companies.

Being a world-renowned celebrity, it’s clear that Lopez takes her appearance very seriously. In fact, Lopez’s long-time manicurist recently shared that she once gave him grief when he accidentally messed something up while doing her nails.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jennifer Lopez changes her nails according to her outfit

Lopez’s manicurist of 12 years, Tom Bachik, has been responsible for designing her nails to accompany her many unique outfits. Bachik recently talked with Us Weekly about his experience working for Lopez.

“I think her nail style is integral to her sense of fashion,” Bachik said. “Her nails act as the finishing touch that makes her look complete. Be it soft, chic or blinged out, it’s always intentional… Depending on the occasion, we may do anything from a natural nail mani/pedi, to sculptured acrylics or gels, to one-off custom designed full coverage press-on sets.”

Bachik also shared that Lopez likes to set trends, so she and her manicurists often try to mix and match colors and find new products ahead of what is popular.

Jennifer Lopez once gave her manicurist grief for cutting her nails too short

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Since Bachik has worked with Lopez for many years, it is only inevitable that there are interesting stories from his experience. Bachik shared with Us Weekly that he once accidentally cut her nails too short, and Lopez would not let him live it down for weeks.

According to Bachik, he had cut her nails short for a tour because Lopez would not be able to see a manicurist for a while. When Lopez came back from tour and was getting her nails done again, she told Bachik to ‘take them back to where they were.”

“Being a guy, I heard her, but wasn’t really listening to her,” Bachik explained. “She had meant take them back to the little bit the had grown out since her last polish, but I heard, ‘Take them back to where they were,’ which was really short before she left.”

As a result, Bachik “proceeded to take her hand and chop all her nails off.” Lopez finally realized what was happening when Bachik got to her fourth finger and it did not seem like she was happy.

 “For the next few weeks I had to endure, ‘And then Tom cut all my nails off!’” Bachik said. “We still laugh about it!”

Jennifer Lopez has been called a ‘diva’

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Although Lopez seemed to have reacted well to Bachik’s mistake, there have been rumors that she could be particular about certain things. She allegedly has many demands when staying at hotels, such as having her music played when she enters and having candles that smell like grapefruit or lime blossom.

However, Lopez has slammed these “diva” accusations, saying that they were motivated by her background as a Latina woman.