Why ‘Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino Isn’t Shocked About Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ Breakup

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino lives in Bachelor Nation. As a fan of the ABC series, Guadagnino has kept up with Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s breakup. Find out what the MTV star has to say about The Bachelorette relationship ending. 

Vinny Guadagnino
Vinny Guadagnino | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ relationship is over

After a whirlwind romance that began when Moss stepped out of the limo and Crawley felt like she just met her husband, the history-making couple from The Bachelorette are through.

Though Crawley and Moss seemed committed to each other and her portion of season 16 ended in an engagement, it looks like their honeymoon phase is over. Crawley’s plan to remain close to her mother in Sacramento hasn’t changed. But it seems like Moss’ plans have. 

“Dale and Clare are technically still together, but there are serious issues they are working through,” a source told Us Weekly on Jan. 19. “They’re in communication, but on a break.”

“Clare and Dale have been fighting a lot recently,” E! News reported from a source. “They are mainly in disagreement over lifestyle preferences. Dale wants to be in a lively city and focus on his career, and Clare is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom. It’s been very tense recently between them.” 

Moss shared news of their breakup on social media Jan. 19, 2021. 

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ star Vinny Guadagnino isn’t surprised Clare Crawley and Dale Moss didn’t last 

The Jersey Shore star is a big fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He’s also extremely active on social media. Often, he’ll watch episodes and provide his commentary to Bachelor Nation on his Instagram Stories. 

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Other times, Guadagnino will answer fan-submitted questions on his Instagram Stories. When one fan asked if he was shocked that Crawley and Moss’ relationship was over, Guadagnino said “no.” 

“The poor guy just wanted to be on TV, not get engaged to some chick he knew in a week,” the MTV star said. Of course, that’s only Gudaganino’s — Jersey Shore‘s most eligible bachelor — opinion. 

Vinny Guadagnino would never be on ‘The Bachelor’ 

In the past, Guadagnino has hooked up with plenty of female suitors on Jersey Shore. Later, he dated 20-some women on the MTV series Double Shot at Love. Despite his connections with Alysse Joyner and later, Maria Elizondo, Guadagnino remains a single man. 

Regardless of his relationship status, Guadagnino said he would never agree to be on The Bachelor. During one of his Instagram Stories, Guadagnino addressed why he wouldn’t go on the ABC dating series. 

Matt James took Sarah Trott on a one-on-one date in a two-seater plane. The thought of doing that terrified Guadagnino. 

“This is why I can’t be the Bachelor — because I hate flying and they love air sh*t,” the Jersey Shore star told his followers. “Like, some Bachelor person has a fetish for things in the air and I’d be like ‘Nope. B*tch I’m out.’”

For now, it seems like Guadagnino is comfortable being single and enjoying watch the couples from Bachelor Nation evolve or, in Crawley and Moss’ case, fall apart.