Why John Krasinski Is Relieved He Didn’t Play This Iconic MCU Character After All

If alternate realities really exist, there’s probably a lot of different actors playing iconic roles they didn’t land in our reality.

One has to wonder if any alt-realities didn’t hire Chris Evans to play Captain America, though, since he fit the bill almost perfectly. Not that other actors didn’t try out for the part, including John Krasinski.

Everyone knows Krasinski as Jim Halpert on The Office for eight years, and the writer/director/producer of the A Quiet Place movie franchise. Around the time he was just wrapping up his role as Jim, he reportedly auditioned for the role of Captain America at Marvel.

He lost to Chris Evans, something Krasinski seems relieved over nowadays. Or was it a perfect setup to play a future MCU character?

John Krasinski on the red carpet
John Krasinski | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI

Krasinski became successful on his own anyway

Screen Rant recently mentioned an interview where Krasinski is shown to say he didn’t mind losing the role of Cap to Evans. He says latter was perfect in the role and no one could have done any better.

They’ve since become friends as a result, mostly because they’re on an equal plane in Hollywood success. Evans can still do some meaningful movies after finding a way to find an aesthetic distance from the MCU for the last decade. Krasinski now has major clout in Hollywood to do anything he wants.

Indeed, Krasinski said he couldn’t have done A Quiet Place (or its sequel) had he been stuck playing Captain America for ten years. The message this sends is perhaps one of wondering whether it’s really best to be sucked into the MCU black hole considering the potential circumstances after leaving.

When looking at this twist of movie history fate, perhaps Krasinski is the real winner in the end.

There’s all possibility Krasinski will still be a part of the MCU eventually

At least Krasinski says he’s still interested in joining Marvel down the road. He’s had his eye on playing Mr. Fantastic if The Fantastic Four is ever rebooted.

He would make for a perfect Mr. Fantastic, particularly because he was able to get himself ripped for recent roles like 13 Hours. Many would want Emily Blunt to join him as Sue Storm, something seriously bantered around.

Kevin Feige says nothing is set yet on casting or any Fantastic Four movie. Not that Krasinski or Blunt really need to be in the Marvel universe considering they’ll be in demand in Hollywood for the rest of their careers.

Also, there’s a feeling of MCU recruiting A-list stars and changing their lives financially, if arguably not their career trajectories. Thoughts of stereotyping still go on when brought aboard the MCU train.

Having the freedom to expand in Hollywood without selling out

Being the nice guy he is, Krasinski clearly won’t speak out against Marvel/Disney like some in Hollywood have. It’s clear he really does want to play Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, and probably acquiesced to considering his acting clout. 

So many actors haven’t been able to resist joining the MCU because of the higher paychecks. Regardless, it’s arguably hurt some of those actors in getting back to the world of more realistic dramas they were known for starring in before.

Outside of A Quiet Place being a horror/fantasy franchise, Krasinski brought elements of real life to his screenplay. No doubt the sequel will do the same as it expands its cast and story.

Being able to do that should be enough, even if he says playing Mr. Fantastic would be done just for fun. Once into the MCU fray, though, it would be hard to get out without deliberate attempts. Maybe Robert Downey Jr.’s removal plan from the franchise should become a new tutorial for people like Krasinski as a smarter way to navigate the added level of fame Marvel brings.