Why Lauren Sorrentino Is Relieved Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Isn’t Allowed at Her Prenatal Appointments

In 2021, the Jersey Shore family will get a bit bigger! Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino will welcome their first child in May 2021. 

Being pregnant during a pandemic is no joke, but power couple Mike and “Laurens” try to stay positive. Find out why Lauren is relieved that Mike can’t come to her prenatal doctor’s appointments. 

Lauren and Mike 'The SItuation' Sorrentino
Lauren and Mike ‘The SItuation’ Sorrentino | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MTV

‘Big Daddy Sitch’ and ‘Laurens’ are having a baby boy 

Over Thanksgiving 2020, Mike and Lauren shared their pregnancy announcement with Jersey Shore fans on social media. Then, on Dec. 8, the couple revealed the sex of the baby. 

“Gym Tan We’re having a Baby Boy,” Mike and Lauren shared on Instagram. Lauren is documenting her pregnancy on the It’s Baby Situation Instagram account, but many fans can’t wait to meet Baby Sorrentino in May 2021. 

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino are ‘on guard’ because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 

During the “Resolute” episode of the Here’s the Sitch podcast, the Sorretinos discussed the exciting things to come in 2021, including their new baby. They also addressed what it’s like being pregnant during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

“My heart is so attached to this baby already,” Lauren said. 

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“It’s not easy to be pregnant during a pandemic,” Mike said regarding his wife. “Every single day we have our defenses up. We really try not to go anywhere.” 

“We’re much more on guard,” Lauren said, adding:

As much as I care about my own health and my own safety, it would be different if I wasn’t growing a human and trying to have my first baby. I care more about the baby and making sure the baby is healthy [than anything else].

Lauren also explained how, while pregnant, her body’s immune system is suppressed, putting her more at risk of getting sick. 

“Your immune system does that to make sure your body doesn’t reject the baby,” Lauren explained. As such, she and Mike are taking every precaution to stay safe.

No one is allowed at Lauren’s prenatal appointments, which helps keep the baby safe

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Lauren must attend her prenatal appointments alone. 

“Mike’s not able to come to the doctor’s appointments with me,” she said. “I video everything on my phone.” 

“It definitely sucks, but it is what it is,” Mike added. “Safety comes first. If they’re not going to allow me in there, there could be a positive from that.” 

Ironically, not having Mike there doesn’t bother Lauren that much. In fact, she’s relieved he can’t come with her to the doctor. 

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“I’ll be honest with you, I really never complain about [Mike not being able to be there],” Lauren added. “I’m relieved because that means they’re not letting anyone in. They’re not letting people in that are commuting to the city on public transportation — it’s just too many more risks of too many more people.” 

Lauren is comforted by the fact that minimal people have clearance to attend her doctor’s appointments because she’s able to keep herself and Baby Sorrentino healthy. 

At this point, she doesn’t care about the downsides of being pregnant during a pandemic. Mrs. Situation is just happy to be healthy and pregnant.

When it comes time for the baby to be born, Mike will be allowed in the room with Lauren. She would also like her mom to be present for the birth, but with the pandemic restrictions, that may not be possible.