Why Leona Lewis Stays Away From Alcohol

Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle. And with their fortune, almost nothing is out of reach for these actors, musicians, athletes, and other personalities. However, contrary to what’s known about them, some celebrities have opted for a different lifestyle free of alcohol. 

British pop sensation Leona Lewis is one of the few celebrities who keep away from alcohol, and for a good reason. Lewis is a celebrity you won’t see wielding alcohol in her hands and has stayed away from the beverage for the longest period.

Leona Lewis smiling
Leona Lewis | Scott Garfitt/Getty Images

For a buzz, Lewis chooses to take the non-alcoholic beverage. So why does Lewis steer clear of alcohol?

Leona Lewis’ parents knew her passion while she was still young 

Lewis was born in Islington, London. The singer, whose full name is Leona Louise Lewis, is an actor, singer, songwriter, and model from the United Kingdom. She also has a passion for activism.

Lewis’ parents recognized her passion for singing while she was still young. They took her to the Sylvia Young Theater School, followed by other art institutions until she finally went to the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Her parents made the necessary sacrifices to help Lewis achieve her dream of becoming a singer.

Lewis thinks alcohol tastes like hairspray

The award-winning singer does not drink alcohol because she does not “like the taste of alcohol.” Speaking to InStyle, the singer notes,

“I don’t drink, I haven’t for years, it tastes like hairspray to me — I can have a great time without alcohol. I don’t need that to get me up on the dancefloor, I’m there already. I’ll sometimes have a little Red Bull. That’s my little buzz.”

InStyle via Popsugar

Lewis also noted that she does not take alcohol even when celebrating her wins. The X-Factor winner revealed, “I don’t drink – I hate the taste of alcohol. When my debut single [Bleeding Love] went to No.1, I celebrated with non-alcoholic champagne,” according to Glamour.

The singer adds that she sometimes finds people who need to drink alcohol to have fun are a little ridiculous. She said:

“I find some people’s attitude to drinking ridiculous. I think it’s so funny that people think you have to drink in order to have fun. It’s such a stupid mindset! A lot of my friends are like, ‘I need a drink to get on the dance floor!’ I don’t need that ‘help me to relax’ thing. If I’m around my friends then I can really relax and have a good time, that’s all I need.”

Lewis had to overcome challenges to succeed

Lewis opted to quit BRIT School when aged 17 to “go out there” and establish her music career, according to The Guardian. Lewis had already started writing and recording her musical stuff at that time. She supported herself by working at the reception of a solicitor and as a Pizza Hut server.

Lewis later produced a demonstration album titled Twilight with Spiral Music. The demo, however, did not land Lewis any deal with record labels. Even though the album was never released commercially, Lewis recited some of the compositions onstage on BBC Radio 1 in 2004.

Speaking of her struggles, Lewis noted, “I tried to secure a record deal by doing things my own way. I worked very hard, but I never managed to land a contract. That’s why I decided to audition for The X Factor. It’s programs like these which provide the best place to showcase fresh new talent.”

Lewis has since gone on to achieve various milestones in her career. Lewis overcame fellow X Factor finalist Ray Quinn on the ITV talent program to win the Christmas top chart with her track “A Moment Like This.” Her second single, “Bleeding Love,” was top of the charts in different countries, and the single saw her breakthrough in the industry. 

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