Why ‘Love Island USA’ Fans Say Casa Amor’s Hideaway Is ‘Messy’

Love Island USA heated things up for Casa Amor. They offered the men the chance to spend a night in the Hideaway, but some fans think the timing was too messy.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 21.]

Who used the Casa Amor Hideaway?

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Episode 21 showed the men in Casa Amor getting to pick one couple to spend the night together in the Hideaway. They picked Chazz Bryant and Gabby Kisk.

It made the most sense because Chazz left the villa barely coupled up with Kat Gibson. Gabby said she was excited to have a private sexy time alone with him. Inside they were quick to start kissing. 

The next morning Chazz said the “physical intimacy” was there and they took full advantage of their time together. Gabby told the women she loved his lips and kissing him. 

“I don’t know Gabby she checks off a lot of the boxes for me,” he said. “She puts a smile on my face. I felt Gabby definitely took my mind off of Kate back at the villa.”

‘Love Island USA’ fans don’t want a hideaway in Casa Amor again

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The cast was surprised to find out Casa Amor got a hideaway. Reddit fans thought the twist wasn’t good.

“Besides the fact that I can’t stand Chazz, I thought it was extremely irresponsible to have two people that have just met days ago go into the hideaway,” a Reddit thread read. “In the past, a lot of the Villa guys have treated the Casa Amor girls like they were sexual playthings and I feel like this would just play into that even more.”

“Yeah I agree it was a messy move. But on the bright side Chazz is single and probably gonna couple up with Gabby. If it was one of the boys in a stronger couple who fooled around then went back to his original girl? Yeah that would be hella gross lmao,” someone commented.

“I was thinking the same thing! They’ve known each other like 2 days, and the Casa girls are trying to get into the Villa – I feel like it was taking advantage of their vulnerability,” another fan added.

“Production was messy and probably hoped for Isaiah and Phoebe to be picked for hideaway,” one person theorized.

There are some fans who didn’t see a problem with it. “It’s called love island not who is the most pure. Lol,” one commenter joked.

“Eh. Doesn’t bother me. Not everyone that goes into the hideaway does something,” someone else added.

Is Kat in danger of getting dumped from the villa?

Gabby Kisk and Chazz Bryant laugh together while sitting down on 'Love Island USA'.
Gabby Kisk and Chazz Bryant on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

Kat had a different experience back at the villa. She made out with Chad Robison. However, she didn’t feel like pursuing him further and wasn’t interested in any of the other men. She cried about this to Nadjha Day.

It’s likely Kat will return to the villa single, while Chazz might bring Gabby back. Kat probably won’t be thrilled to find out about their night together.

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