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Mariska Hargitay, known for her starring role on the hit series Law & Order: SVU, just posted a sweet tribute to her mother, Jayne Mansfield. Read on to learn why she posted the throwback photo of her mom and what fans are saying about it.

Mariska Hargitay’s sweet image upload

Mariska Hargitay
Mariska Hargitay | Heidi Gutman/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

January 21 is National Hugging Day and in honor of the special occasion, Hargitay posted an adorable throwback image of her mother, Jayne Mansfield hugging herself while wearing an elegant fur coat and drop earrings. She’s clearly enjoying herself and it’s a sweet photo of Hargitay’s mother’s legacy.

Hargitay captioned the post to her Instagram with: “#NationalHuggingDay I’m a hugger #IGotItFromMyMama.”

Hargitay’s mother died in a tragic car accident

Hargitay comes from quite a famous family. Her mother was actress Jayne Mansfield and her father was a former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. Tragedy struck when in 1967, Hargitay and her brothers were involved in a car accident along with her mother. Hargitay was only three at the time, and her mother died in the accident along with her mother’s boyfriend, Sam Brody.

Hargitay’s mother may be gone, but she’s far from forgotten. Hargitay carries on her legacy and this photo tribute is just one example of that.

Fans respond with well-wishes

Fans of Hargitay are more than excited to see this sweet tribute photo to Jayne Mansfield. “I LOVE this photo ,” an Instagram user expressed.

“She was so beautiful ,” another commented about Hargitay’s mother.

Numerous others think Hargitay looks just like her famous mother. “You’re a mini of your mother looking so alike ☺️,” another person wrote.

“What a beauty she was and her daughter even more so,” someone else said.

Hargitay and her mother are so similar and fans notice

People can’t stop commenting on the similarities between Hargitay and her mother. “This is so appropriate! It seems like you and your mom have so much in common. I’m sure she gave great hugs just like you! ,” an Instagram user wrote.

“I was watching one of your mom’s movies and for the first time I’ve noticed you sound just like her! If I close my eyes it’s like listening to Olivia Benson ,” another user expressed.

“You look so much like your mama ♥️,” an Instagram user explained.

The well-wishes from fans just keep coming. “Love this photo! You give the best hugs and I bet your mom did too!!! ,” another chimed in.

“Your mom would be so proud of your beautiful soul! ♥️,” someone sweetly said.

One user thinks hugging is a great thing Hargitay got from her mother. “@therealmariskahargitay What a beautiful trait to get from your beautiful mother. Rishhh, hugging you back. And sending you all the beautiful energy you sent out into the world. Have a blessed day! ,” an Instagram user wrote.

Fans clearly love the tribute Mariska Hargitay posted in honor of her beautiful mother who died before her time.