Why Marvel Actor Bradley Cooper Sometimes Gives Interviews in French

Bradley Cooper is unusual in the world of Hollywood. He’s a handsome, talented actor, with eight Oscar nominations, and he’s moved successfully into directing and producing.

However, good-looking and gifted artists aren’t unusual in show business. Cooper is not just multi-talented, he’s also the kind of person who grabs the public’s attention and makes it look easy. And on top of that, he comes across as a nice guy.

If that’s not enough, he also has a skill that has captured people’s attention. It seems that Cooper can do one thing that few other A-listers can claim.

Who is Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Biography reports that Cooper was born in Philadelphia in 1975. Although he was interested in cooking when he was young, he left that behind to pursue acting. He went to Georgetown University, graduating in 1997 with a B.A. in English, and he then went on to a master’s degree program at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York.

He broke into TV in 1999, with a guest appearance on the hit HBO series Sex and the City. From that time on, Cooper’s star was on the rise. 

He landed a supporting role on the television spy series Alias, and he then started moving into movies. He’s appeared in films such as Wedding Crashers, Failure to Launch, Limitless, Silver Linings Playbook, and Joy.

Over the years, his work has earned him eight Oscar nominations and three Grammy Awards. He’s an enduring star, and over the last few years, he’s been having something of a moment. 

He’s at the top of his game lately

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In 2018, Cooper made his directorial debut in the critically acclaimed movie A Star Is Born. The film, which he starred in alongside Lady Gaga, was a huge success. The chemistry between the two stars onscreen was so intense that it sparked rumors of an affair. 

He has also been busy voicing Rocket Raccoon in the wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy movies. On top of that, he appeared in the movie The Mule, alongside acting legend Clint Eastwood. In fact, he’s been so busy with different projects that he hasn’t been able to do many press events to promote the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. 

It seems as though Cooper is everywhere these days, but that doesn’t mean you should mistake him for just another Hollywood actor. He has a skill that sets him apart from a lot of people. 

He fell in love with French when he was a child

According to InsiderChariots of Fire inspired Cooper as a kid. Far from being a childish notion that was quickly forgotten, Cooper actually went on to study French.

And he didn’t approach it the way most people do, learning a language in high school, then promptly forgetting it. He worked hard, and he even lived in France for six years as an exchange student when he was older. From there, he went on to study French in college. 

Today, Cooper is fluent enough in French that he can even conduct interviews in the romantic language. He doesn’t even require an interpreter to understand and answer questions in French. It’s an unusual skill that only makes this handsome actor more fascinating to his many fans.