Why Meghan Markle Skipped Going to the Super Bowl With Prince Harry, According to Body Language Expert

Prince Harry attended the Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, but Meghan Markle was noticeably absent. Why did Meghan skip going to the Super Bowl with Harry? One body language expert shared some theories on the matter.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looking off-camera and smiling. Harry wears a suit and tie and Meghan is wearing a white overcoat
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Body language expert revealed why Meghan Markle likely didn’t go to the Super Bowl

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas explored the “very good reason” why Meghan didn’t attend the Super Bowl. On his YouTube channel The Body Language Guy, Rosas said he didn’t think it was because they have small children.

The couple shouldn’t have had any issues securing a babysitter if Meghan wanted to attend the Super Bowl. They have access to nannies and even Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland to watch their children.

Rosas shared the theory that this was a deliberate PR move so the Duchess of Sussex wouldn’t pull any focus from Prince Harry. “The fact that Meghan did not attend also doesn’t make sense with her personality type,” he said. “There must be a solid intention behind that.”

He added, “This kind of behavioral contradictions must have an intention behind them. A change in behavior always has a reason why.”

Prince Harry attended the Super Bowl with Princess Eugenie

Harry attended with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, and Rosas shared the potential reason behind that. “Harry’s popularity and perception in the UK has been sliding lately,” the expert noted.

He added, “This appearance is used to give the idea that Harry wants to adapt to American life, and he’s like any other American.”

However, Meghan sat this one out to make Harry appear more American. “If Meghan had come to the game, she’s the American anchor of the couple, so it would have looked like she was bringing Harry with her,” Rosas noted. “That would have looked like a passive action on his part.”

He continued, “If Harry goes on his own, then it gives the impression that he actually cares about country music, apple pie, and NASCAR.”

Rosas pointed out that going with his cousin kept things more familial and was a reminder of Harry’s royal roots. Eugenie “attended because she represents that there is still a link between Harry and his family in the UK,” the body language expert said.

He added, “That is also part of the message, to not make it look like Harry cut all ties with everyone on the other side of the pond. Because the other option would have been going with a friend.”

Harry displayed ‘behavior contradictions’ by going to the Super Bowl

Rosas also said that the Duke of Sussex displayed “behavior contradictions” by going to the Super Bowl since he “has claimed dozens of times that he hates public life and then goes to one of the most public events in the entire world.”

Since Meghan didn’t attend, Rosas speculated, “You absolutely know that they are up to something.”

The expert also shared his thoughts on how this comes off as “artificial.”

“In real life, so to speak, it’s much more healthy if you just don’t pay attention to these kind of personalities,” he shared. “Your intuition tells you that virtually anything they do is for some kind of attention or clout. That is what makes [Harry and Meghan] look so artificial all the time.”

He added, “What I think is the problem is that Harry doesn’t know exactly what he wants.”

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