Why Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair Short

Miley Cyrus‘ haircut was a surprise to her fans when she opted for a short hairstyle while making the leap from Disney Channel star to serious singer. Cyrus has worn her hair both long and short — before landing in the middle with a mullet style.

Miley Cyrus attends the Tom Ford AW20 show at Milk Studios on February 7, 2020
Miley Cyrus | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Why Miley Cyrus cut her hair short

In 2012, Cyrus was ready to leave behind her Hannah Montana look and move into a new chapter in her life, so she cut her hair short. She showed off the process on social media, going from long hair to a partially shaved super blonde pixie cut.

The change was certainly drastic. “My hairstylist [Chris McMillan] was there, and I said, ‘Shave my head, dye me blonde — we need to see change,’” Cyrus explained in an MTV documentary.

“[After the haircut] I had this whole new attitude. I felt like I could finally be the bad b*tch that I really am,” she added.

McMillan told Allure in 2016 that the hairstyle was inspired by ’80s icons Madonna and Billy Idol. “I know that sounds crazy. But an undercut is actually really versatile for a performer — it’s cool and androgynous, and you can push it back or to the side,” McMillan shared. “There’s something very feminine about a boy’s cut on a girl.”

The Miley Cyrus mullet has an interesting story

Miley Cyrus’ mullet isn’t that surprising of a hairstyle for the singer, given that her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was famous for sporting the “business in the front, party in the back” style. Cyrus first showed off the style in 2019.

During a December 2020 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cyrus shared the reason why she got the mullet hairstyle and who cut her hair during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Since she couldn’t have her usual glam team do the job, Cyrus turned to her mom to give her a haircut. There was just one problem — her mom only knows how to cut one hairstyle.

“All of us have had to adjust, a lot of things shutting down, keeping us from doing our kind of standard routines, which one of them was going to get a haircut for me,” Cyrus explained.


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“So my mom offered, you know my bangs, I already had bangs were getting long,” she continued. “And [my mom] said, ‘Well I can cut your hair, but I only know how to do one hairstyle, and I’ve been doing this since 1992 for your dad and for your brothers.’”

“And all my mom can do is a mullet so I had one option and needed it,” Cyrus added.

The singer chalked up the hairstyle to being a Cyrus. “I think there is something genetically where it just kind of grows naturally shorter up top and longer in the back,” she admitted. “That’s just kind of a natural shape that our hair grows in.” 

Kimmel joked, “So in a way, you were born to have a mullet.”