Why Miranda Lambert Hopes Her Group Texts With 5 Female Country Stars ‘Never See the Light of Day’

Miranda Lambert loves her friends in country music. In a recent interview with the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert discussed how she is close friends with Lainey Wilson, Caylee Hammack, Tenille Towns, Ashley McBryde, and Elle King. During the interview, Lambert joked that she hopes the group texts she has with the women “never see the light of day.”

Miranda Lambert performs during CMA Summer Jam
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Who are Miranda Lambert’s friends in country music?

While on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert was asked what women in country music she loves to support. Lambert initially answered Wilson, Hammack, Towns, and McBryde.

“I love Lainey, I think she is out there kickin’ a** and I love her. I think she’s like gritty and cool and fun and she’s so sweet. And you just mentioned Caylee and Tenille. Ashley McBryde’s a good friend of mine, not that she needs my help. She’s kicking a** on her own,” Lambert said.

The country singer expanded on the friendship she shares with the women, and then added that King is another country star she is friends with.

“We stick together. We’re friends. We’re all in group texts all the time. I was just at Watershed last weekend and Caylee and Tenille came up and sang with me. Elle King! I just, I love that we have sort of this alliance,” Lambert said on the podcast.

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Miranda Lambert is in multiple group texts with the country singers

When it comes to the women’s friendship in the country music industry, Lambert shared that they stick together by staying in contact through texting.

“We’re like, we’re on group texts about stuff that gets real. And it’s not all glamour and glitter back here. There’s a lot going on. So I feel like it’s good to have somebody to bounce things off of,” Lambert shared on the Best of US99 podcast. “We’re constantly reaching out to each other and helping each other. If there’s a band or crew issue, or a wardrobe malfunction, or some weird stuff happens.”

She continued, “Some of those texts would never see the light of day, I hope. But it’s really, it’s really sweet to have that. I mean probably once a week we’re all contacting each other some way or the other, for whatever reason even if it’s just to check in.”

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The country singer says her friends ‘are’ her ‘people’

Speaking on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert shared that she is friends with men in the country music industry too.

“Those are all my people, actually,” said Lambert. “I didn’t really have that coming up because I was kind of started in like dudeville. And a lot of the guys were so great to me.”

However, to Lambert, having friends who are women is incredibly beneficial.

“But the girl part of it, that’s only something that the girls know,” the singer said.

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