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The breakup between former NBA player Matt Barnes and model Anansa Sims has taken an ugly turn. After announcing their split last month, things appeared to be amicable until Barnes posted a message to his Instagram page that led fans to believe things were not going great. Sims shot back with a message of her own gave her side to the story, revealing a blow that she had to get the legal system involved after they went their separate ways.

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims split

Barnes and Sims were together for a little under two years. The former couple were friends who lost contact before reconnecting at an event at UCLA in 2018. They announced their pregnancy and had a UCLA themed baby shower before welcoming their son Ashton in November 2018.

Source: Instagram

The seemingly happy couple shared tons of family portraits to their social media account before The Shade Room noticed that Sims changed her relationship status in her Instagram profile bio to single. 

A source revealed that Barnes initiated the breakup, telling The Shade Room, “Anansa’s an amazing mother and woman and [he] wishes her nothing but the best, he has a tendency of putting everyone else’s happiness in front of his, and has finally decided to put his own happiness first.

The source also revealed that Barnes and Sims would focus on co-parenting. 

Matt Barnes hints to not being able to see his son

According to Barnes, his split with Sims has been anything but amicable. In an Instagram photo of himself with their son Ashton, he hinted to not being able to see him.

“Missing my Lil man…hopefully I’ll be allowed to see you soon,” he captioned the photo with a praying hands emoji. 

Fans and commentators opinions on the matter were split. Many famous friends of the former NBA star wished him good luck, while others preferred he keep things private and pointed to his contentious split with his ex-wife as a pattern of toxic behavior. 

Anansa Sims denies keeping their son away from Matt Barnes and reveals she has a restraining order against him

In a now-deleted post, Sims denied Barnes is unable to see their son. “My kids see their father. I’m praying the Restraining Order protects me and keeps me safe,” she captioned a photo.

A source claiming to be a close friend of Sims spoke to The Jasmine Brand and elaborated on their breakup and Sims’s restraining order against Barnes.

“She filed it because her safety was being threatened. He is threatening her, harassing her, stalking her and cyber bullying her,” they said. “His posts are violating the restraining order but he didn’t care because getting his fans to attack her on a lie meant more to him than abiding by the restraining order. He won’t stop!”

Source: Instagram

The source also revealed that despite the restraining order against Barnes, Sims still opted to share custody of their son with him. Another gossip site shared court documents that prove Sims’s claims Barnes has visitation with his son. According to the paperwork, Barnes and Sims share joint custody of Ashton.

Barnes responded to Sims’s restraining order revelation in an Instagram post of his own, claiming that Sims’s filed for a restraining order ahead of their court hearing for custody as a ploy. He denied that he’s ever been violent towards her.

Barnes went through similar drama and had the same allegations against him after his divorce with Gloria Govan. Hopefully, he and Sims can put their issues aside and come to a common ground in terms of co-parenting.