Why ‘Moon Knight’ Layla Actor May Calamawy Looks Familiar

The Disney+ Marvel Moon Knight TV series introduced fans to Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and Layla (May Calamawy). While fans recognize Isaac from several blockbuster films, they might not remember what May Calamawy movies and TV shows they know her from. Here’s why the Moon Knight Layla actor looks familiar to fans who’ve seen her work before.

May Calamawy among the 'Moon Knight' cast during the premiere
May Calamawy among the ‘Moon Knight’ cast during the premiere | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

‘Moon Knight’ Layla actor May Calamawy started acting in movies and TV shows in 2006

While fans have latched on to the Egyptian-Palestinian actor thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe show, she got her start in short comedies and dramas before making the jump to television.

The Moon Knight Layla actor May Calamawy, age 35, started acting in movies and TV shows at 20 in 2006. Her first credited role on IMDb is Thursday, an action crime adventure about an assassin who takes one final mission.

She later starred in short comedies like Paradise Falls (2011) and A Genie Called Gin (2012).

May Calamawy guest-starred in the TV series Checking In and later in the Madam Secretary Season 4 episode “Off the Record” as Mona Alsnany in 2017. And her schedule would get a whole lot busier in the years before she started fighting Moon Knight villains.

‘The Long Road Home’ and ‘Ramy’ cast May Calamawy in recurring roles

Outside of movies, the Moon Knight Layla actor May Calamawy had a busy 2017 guest-starring in TV shows like The Brave and BKPI. She would also guest star on the CBS crime drama television series FBI in 2018.

However, in The Long Road Home and Ramy, May Calamawy joined the casts as a recurring character in most episodes. The Long Road Home followed American forces in Iraq ambushed in a Baghdad neighborhood.

In Ramy, May Calamawy plays Dena Hassan, the youngest in the Egyptian immigrant Hassan family. According to IMDb, the series follows “Ramy, son of Egyptian immigrants,” as he “begins a spiritual journey, divided between his Muslim community, God, and his friends who see endless possibilities.” And she’ll return to Egypt with Marc Spector in Moon Knight.

After those TV shows, May Calamawy played Carly in the 2021 movie Together Together, starring Patti Harrison and Ed Helms. Then, after starring in a short called Meet Cute, Calamawy joined the Moon Knight cast as Layla El-Faouly. She fights with Marc Spector against Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke).

And hints dropped in the Dinsey+ series could indicate greater involvement in the MCU.

Where could the ‘Moon Knight’ Layla actor go after the Disney+ Marvel show?

In Moon Knight Episode 2, Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector issued a warning to his other personality, Steven Grant. He struck a deal with the Egyptian god Khonshu to act as his avatar, and his mission against Arthur Harrow could be his last.

However, Khonshu has his sights set on Layla as his possible new avatar.

While Marc wants to avoid this fate for her at all costs, Marvel Studios could hint at a bigger role for Layla as Moon Knight in the future. Marvel Comics have teased a female Moon Knight several times.

The count of May Calamawy movies and TV shows could explode over the next few years if her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands. Several actors have built off their experience in Marvel movies, like Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

You might recognize May Calamawy in many more movies and TV shows in the future.

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