Why Most DC’s ‘Stargirl’ Fans Are Frustrated With the Season 2 Move to the CW

Movies and shows based on comic books are very popular right now, and both DC and Marvel are competing for supremacy in every possible thing. One of the more recent and surprising successes has been DC’s Stargirl, which is a TV show that’s currently airing on DC Universe and on the CW.

Like some of the best comic book characters, Stargirl is a superhero who’s still in school, and this makes her relatable to a lot of the show’s fans. That said, despite being loved by DC fans, the show will become exclusive to the CW for its second season. As a result, many fans are frustrated about this.

Why ‘Stargirl’ is great

Brec Bassinger on the red carpet
Brec Bassinger | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Obviously, the show works for a lot of reasons. Both critics and fans have praised the show for many different reasons. That said, the first season is still airing, so there may be a chance that it gets worse as it goes on, but so far, so good. 

In any case, something that the fans of the show have been enjoying is the special effects. Like fans on Reddit said, the action sequences and the CGI are pretty good considering the fact that it’s a TV show. The acting, the stories, the characters, etc are all pretty good too.

But, regardless of what fans enjoy about it, the show has clearly separated itself from the many other teen superhero shows.

‘Stargirl’ becomes a CW exclusive

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While money may not buy happiness, money can buy better special effects, and that’s one of the advantages that ‘Stargirl’ has. Since it’s currently airing on the DC Universe, which is DC’s own streaming service, the show has a pretty decent budget all things considered.

However, despite a great reception from fans and critics, apparently, things haven’t been looking very good behind the scenes. 

As TVLine reported, the show has been renewed for a second season, but it’s been renewed by the CW, and it will become a CW exclusive. While the CW is partially owned by Warner Bros, which also owns DC Universe, the CW is an independent network and it does things its own way. 

The CW is home to many comic book shows like Stargirl, but most of them are considered worse. The CW is currently airing shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. These shows have been successful, as otherwise, the CW wouldn’t keep renewing them. That said, their perceived lack of quality is mainly why Stargirl fans are frustrated by this move.

Why ‘Stargirl’ fans are frustrated

Like fans on Reddit wrote, by becoming a CW exclusive, the show basically loses one of its best features, which was its big budget. That budget gave it some great CGI and some cool action scenes.

Many fans think that, by moving to the CW, the show’s budget will get smaller, and as a result, those aspects of the show will become similar to the other superhero shows on the CW. 

Many fans had less than kind words about this move, but in general, fans simply don’t want the show to change all that much, since it’s currently working really well.

One fan simply said, “I don’t want Stargirl to end up a mess like Arrow.”

But, for other fans, this is a bittersweet change since, at the very least, there will be another season of Stargirl.

Another fan said, “I’m glad there’ll be more, but I fear for the quality drop next season.”

Of course, since the first season isn’t even done airing yet, it remains to be seen what this move will do to the show in the long run. Until Season 2 premieres, fans can only hope for the best.