Why People are Fed Up With Nikocado Avocado and Want to Cancel Him

YouTube vloggers who have large followings are either able to co-exist in peace with fellow vloggers or find themselves embroiled in drama. Right now, that’s the case with the mukbang community, and people are upset with Nikocado Avocado. If things don’t simmer down soon, it looks like he’ll be getting cancelled for good.

YouTube vloggers Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo
YouTube vloggers Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo | YouTube

Let’s first talk about mukbang and its popular influencers

What’s mukbang? For those who don’t know, it’s the act of eating large amounts of food in front of a camera, either broadcast live or via recording to an audience. That’s it. People like to watch someone eat a plate of food, and there are a number of YouTube-famous mukbangers with millions of followers who are earning lots of money.

Among them are Nikocado Avocado, Stephanie Soo, Veronica Wang, and hyuneeEats. Nikocado Avocado is in the center of drama right now with Soo, and it’s affecting others in the YouTube stratosphere.

The problem is that many of the mukbangers typically get along well and collaborate with each other, but rifts can be damaging to everyone. On top of that, fans are flat out calling Nikocado a disgusting bully.

What’s the issue between Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo?

It started when Nikocado had beef with Veronica Wang nearly a year ago. Though that online feud nothing to do with Soo, he’s been trying to loop her into trash-talking Wang. Soo’s always refused while still maintaining a good rapport with Nikocado and Wang. During the past few months, So and Nikocado built a friendship, and Soo said she began trusting him, so much so that she discussed her personal trauma of being sexually assaulted.

According to Soo, when she finally agreed to do a mukbang collaboration video with him, everything went downhill, leaving her upset, and now fans are too. In a video posted on Dec. 21 by Soo titled “Why I Am Scared of Nikocado Avocado,” she explains that every time she spoke him, conversations revolved around Wang. She never felt comfortable being drawn into the fray and didn’t want to be in the middle.

He was constantly trying to get her to bash Wang and be in the drama, and he sought to do that when they recorded their collaboration video. She said the first 30 minutes of the project went well but then he flipped and tried to manipulate her into talking about Wang on camera by doing an “interrogation.” She said he seemed offended when she kept things light and then started twisting her words, secretly recording their conversation without her consent.

It made her uncomfortable and after the video wrapped, she said he seemed angry. While telling the story, she’s crying, and shares she’s been stressed to the point that she’s having panic attacks due to the experience and Nikocado sending her harassing texts threatening to “expose” her.

In Soo’s video, she shared clips of her shaking and having physical reactions because of the panic attacks and PTSD. She hasn’t been able to sleep. At one point, Nikocado and another mukbanger, hyuneeEats, taunted her about her the sleep deprivation, which many fans say is a result of her sexual trauma. Fans are not here for Nick. Watch the video to get the full story.

People are supporting and advising Soo

Commenters on social media are advising Soo to seek a restraining order against Nikocado, and many are stating that he has a habit of mistreating women. Almost unanimously, social media users who are familiar with all parties agree that “Nick” is toxic, manipulative, and deceitful.

Though his Instagram and Twitter accounts are in private status, his YouTube channel is being flooded by fans calling him out for his behavior toward Stephanie Soo. The comments section is filled with the thumbs down emojis and “Cancelled” written all over the page.

HyuneeEats is also catching heat for joining in on Nikocado’s taunts toward Soo, and she made an apology video to her after receiving death threats. Things are out of control. For now, Nikocado Avocado is remaining silent, and Soo is taking a break.