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Die-hard fans of the Power Rangers franchise cannot forget the main actors of some of their favorite series. Over the years, the series cast has continued their own careers outside of being kickass Rangers. The CW‘s iZombie star Rose McIver will look familiar to Power Rangers fans as she gains popularity for her new CBS sitcom series Ghosts. Fans will likely recognize the actor for her leading role in Power Rangers RPM.

Rose McIver as Samantha in 'Ghosts' wearing pink shirt in relation to Power Rangers.
Rose McIver as Samantha in ‘Ghosts’ | via CBS

The actor gained notoriety when she starred in ‘iZombie’

The New Zealand actor has starred in multiple main roles in minor series from Rude Awakenings and Maddigan’s Quest. McIver made herself more known on American television when she appeared as Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time for eight episodes. It was not until 2015 when McIver gained popularity starring in The CW’s iZombie that she became a well-loved actor.

iZombie was a 2015  supernatural procedural crime drama based on the comic book series of the same name. McIver starred in the main role of Olivia “Liv” Moore. In the series, Liv’s life drastically changes when she wakes up as a zombie after a yacht party.

To hide her secret, she breaks ties with the people closest to her and takes a job at the city morgue. Liv uses her new job to consume the brains of the dead to keep her hunger at bay. When she consumes brains, she takes on the dead’s personalities and memories. Liv’s abilities come in handy when she helps a local detective solve crimes.

Rose McIver starred as the Yellow Ranger in ‘Power Rangers RPM’

Waking up early on Saturday morning was part of every Power Rangers fans’ routine. It meant watching the latest episode of the current franchise installment. In 2009, Power Rangers RPM was enthralling fans with a new storyline. The series is a reboot of the Japanese original Engine Sentai Go-onger, the thirty-second installment of the series.

McIver starred as Summer Landsdown, Ranger Operator Series Yellow Bear in Power Rangers RPM. Her character started as a snobbish rich girl. When the villains attack on her birthday, she is left behind by her friends and family and left to wander aimlessly. She is rescued and taken to Corinth City and becomes the Yellow Ranger.

Power Rangers RPM was McIver’s biggest role to date in a franchise with an already established die-hard fan base.  “The fan base of the Power Rangers universe has been incredible. They’re so dedicated and supportive,” said McIver to Inverse.

As a native New Zealander, McIver had the best time of her life working on the series. “I was living at my parent’s house. I got to put on spandex, fight monsters in giant rubber suits, work with all my friends, do stunts, and film on beautiful beaches. It was like a dream,” said the actor. Now McIver is onto another hit role on TV.

The sitcom adaption ‘Ghosts’ is the actor’s latest role


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The Power Rangers cast member is now onto another highly talked about series. McIver stars as a character named Samantha in Ghosts. The 2021 sitcom is an adaptation of a British series of the same name. From fighting monster villains in Power Rangers RPM and becoming a brain-hungry zombie in iZombie, McIver can now see ghosts.

In the sitcom, Samantha and her husband move from New York City into a beautiful country home. Their dreams come crashing down when the home their receive needs a lot of work. To make matters worse, it is inhabited by the previous deceased owners. Samantha once had a near-death experience and can now see ghosts.