Why Prince Andrew’s Sister Princess Anne and Sarah Ferguson Didn’t Get Along

Sarah Ferguson’s feud with Prince Philip is well documented but even before that toe-sucking scandal and her divorce from Prince Andrew, she didn’t have a good relationship with another royal: Princess Anne. Things between them got so bad one time that Fergie was left in tears.

Here’s more on why these royal ladies did not get along, plus which other princess wasn’t a fan of Fergie either and refused to accept a gift from the duchess.

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Anne
Sarah Ferguson and Princess Anne | Tim Graham/Getty Images

Why Princess Anne and Sarah Ferguson didn’t get along

While Fergie’s icy relationship with her former father-in-law is pretty much common knowledge not many people are aware that she and ex-sister-in-law didn’t get along.

Andrew’s older sister apparently never approved of the duchess or accepted her into the family. The Express noted that over lunch one day the Princess Royal flat out called Fergie “an outsider.”

David Leigh, co-author of The Duchess of York Uncensored said that comment led to “a furious row between Andrew and Anne. Fergie walked out of the room in tears. Andrew demanded Anne apologise, which she did, but after that there was a very, very frosty relationship between Fergie and Anne.”

Why another princess did not like Fergie either

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Margaret | Tim Graham/Getty Images

There was another princess who wasn’t a fan of the duchess either especially after her marriage to Prince Andrew ended. Like Philip, the queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, felt that Fergie embarrassed the royal family with her scandals and inability to keep her name out of the tabloids.

Ferguson though tried to get back in the princess’ good graces by sending her a bouquet of flowers, but it was no use because Margaret refused to forgive her and was angered that Fergie had actually sent them. Royal journalist Judy Wade talked about that in the documentary Fergie: Downfall of the Duchess.

“The Duchess of York had sent flowers to Princess Margaret with a little note,” Wade explained. “And the flowers had been sent straight back with a note from Princess Margaret saying ‘How dare you send me flowers. Have you ever considered what damage you have done to the royal family?’”

Margaret never made amends with Ferguson and died on Feb. 9, 2002.

What Ferguson’s relationship with Prince Andrew is like today

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson | Instagram via RoyallyFergie

Despite Fergie’s rocky relationship with some members of the royal family, she and her ex-husband have remained close even after their divorce was finalize in 1996. In fact, the two still live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

Because Andrew and Ferguson have been photographed attending several events together and stayed on such good terms many believe they would like to remarry one another. However, given the way some royals still feel about her that probably won’t happen, but the Duke and Duchess of York seem perfectly content with the state of their relationship today and said they are the world’s “happiest divorced couple.”

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