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The members of the royal family are some of the most loved people on the planet, so it only makes sense that fans around the world want them to be happy. Just like the rest of us, the royals have ups and downs in life, and it is even safe to say that they make their fair share of mistakes.

Just about everyone remembers how turbulent the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana actually was, and they never actually looked too happy when they were photographed together. In fact, during their engagement interview, it was extremely awkward when the young couple was asked if they were in love.

Prince Charles avoided the question by answering with “whatever it means,” and Princess Diana sort of looked off to the side. Nevertheless, they became husband and wife in one of the most lavish ceremonies in royal history.

The marriage didn’t work out, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana ultimately called it quits in 1996. Even so, let’s take a look at why Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s tragic marriage needed to happen.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s extremely difficult marriage

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles | David Levenson/Getty Images

To all outward appearances, Lady Diana Spencer seemed perfect for the role of Prince Charles’s wife. She had a huge fan base, and the people of Britain were ecstatic to see her become queen one day.

Sadly, that didn’t happen after her divorce from the future king. So, why couldn’t Prince Charles and Princess Diana make things work? According to The List, there were a few red flags from the beginning.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana only went out on twelve or so dates before becoming engaged, and there was also a huge age gap between the two of them. Also, it wasn’t exactly a secret that Prince Charles was unfaithful to Princess Diana, carrying on an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles right under his wife’s nose.

It got to the point where Princess Diana felt that it was necessary to confront Parker-Bowles about what was going on, but that didn’t make things any better. Parker-Bowles had been the love of Prince Charles’s life for years. Princess Diana went so far as to say during an interview that she was like a third wheel in the marriage.

The queen changed some rules for Princess Diana

Many people might wonder why Prince Charles didn’t just marry Parker-Bowles in the first place. Well, as it turns out, the queen didn’t think at the time that Parker-Bowles was a suitable wife for her oldest son who is in the direct line of succession.

Her majesty did give permission for Prince Charles and Princess Diana to get married, even though she bent the rules a little considering how Princess Diana didn’t have any ties to royalty. This may have been the beginning of a new era for the royal family, “softening” the rules and paving the way for a happier future.

This is why Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage needed to happen

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' royal wedding
Princess Diana and Prince Charles | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

They were notoriously unhappy, so why can it be said that the marriage needed to happen? Because it allowed for things to be different, and much happier, in the future.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s sons — Prince William and Prince Harry — were allowed to marry out of the aristocracy, something that was unheard of years ago. Had the queen still been enforcing this rule, Prince William wouldn’t have been able to marry Kate Middleton and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not be husband and wife either.

There is no doubt that both princes would not be happy about this, and things would be extremely different than they are now. Because of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, things became a little more modern for the royals, and marrying outside of royalty is perfectly acceptable. We are so glad that it is because we couldn’t imagine Prince William or Prince Harry married to anyone else.