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Queen Elizbeth II became the monarch more than 65 years ago. Her coronation ceremony took place on June 3, 1953, more than a year after her father, King George VI, died. Tradition dictates that there should always be an appropriate length of time in between to grieve the former monarch before celebrating the crowning of their heir.

This will also be the case one day with the queen’s son. Prince Charles will become king the moment Elizabeth passes away, but his coronation will occur at a later date. And when that happens there will be a noticeable difference between his and his mother’s ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles | Paul Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Read on to find out more about that, plus the big changes that will have to go into effect once the Prince of Wales is the monarch.

How Prince Charles’ coronation will likely be different from his mother’s

A 4-year-old Prince Charles was present at his mother’s coronation and like Queen Elizabeth’s, his will be a televised event in the U.K. It will also be held at Westminster Abbey, where every coronation since 1066 has taken place. Charles will also have thousands of guests and representatives from several nations in attendance at the religious ceremony.

What will likely be different is that while sovereigns take the coronation oath including a promise to maintain the Church of England, Charles will want to be more inclusive of other faiths during the Anglican service.

According to the Constitution Unit’s website, “The coronation will continue to be an Anglican service, but finding a place for other Christian denominations and other religions, as happened at [Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s] royal wedding. Such people may be invited to give readings; and religious leaders other than Anglicans are likely to be seated prominently, as happened at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee service at St. Paul’s in 2012.”

What big changes will take place when Charles is king

Prince Charles
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales | Hugo Burnand-Pool/Getty Images

We know that once Prince Charles is king, his reign will also be quite different from his mother’s as a few changes will have to be implemented.

For starters, the national anthem that many have only known as “God Save the Queen” for more than six decades, will switch and be sung as “God Save the King.”

Another major change will be to the U.K.’s currency. A photo of the monarch is printed on the pound while they are alive. So when Charles is king, the British pound (pound sterling) will bear his picture instead.

What is a little less clear is what the monarchy will look like under the queen’s oldest son. Rumors have swirled for quite a while that Charles has plans to “slim down the monarchy” when he takes the throne. Only time will tell who will be in and out of “The Firm” then.

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