Why Princess Diana Thought Prince Charles Is a Terrible Father

It is really no surprise that Princess Diana and Prince Charles didn’t exactly have a happy marriage. Princess Diana was barely 20 years old when she married into the royal family, and she seemed to be in a bit over her head. The princess didn’t have much support from any of the royals, and Prince Charles’ well-known infidelity only made things much more miserable for her.

Fans also can’t forget the fact that Princess Diana had virtually no privacy whatsoever, something that she always resented. One thing that we do know is that her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were the light of Princess Diana’s life. She doted on them from the day that they were born, and we can certainly say that she was a mother first and a princess second.

Princess Diana was a very hands-on mom, the complete opposite of Prince Charles. The unfortunate fact is that as young boys, the princes weren’t nearly as close to Prince Charles as they were to Princess Diana. Here is why Princess Diana thought that her ex-husband, Prince Charles, was a terrible father

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a turbulent relationship

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Prince William
Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Prince William | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

We are all well aware that Princess Diana and Prince Charles became engaged after going out on a little more than ten dates. Most people can only come to the conclusion that they barely knew each other, and no one is really sure if they were actually in love or not.

According to The List, there were several warning signs that indicated the marriage was doomed from the start. What were they? Well, Prince Charles actually forgot to kiss Princess Diana at their wedding, something that is absolutely unheard of for a couple on their wedding day!

During the years that they were married, Prince Charles thought that his wife was trying to sabotage his role as the future king. Probably the most devastating detail of their difficult relationship is that Prince Charles was unfaithful to Princess Diana practically the whole time, and she not only knew about the infidelity but confronted his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, about the affair. 

Why did Princess Diana think Prince Charles was a terrible father?

It is not often that we hear of a mother calling the father of her children “terrible,” even when the couple is divorced. Still, this is exactly what Princess Diana thought of Prince Charles, and she wasn’t afraid to say it.

Page Six reports that it was revealed in a book by author Andrew Morton that Prince Charles wasn’t at all attentive to his sons. He was disappointed when Prince Harry was born because he reportedly was hoping for a girl.

Then, there was the time that Prince William was having emergency surgery, and Prince Charles wasn’t even there. It didn’t go unnoticed that the prince wasn’t being supportive of his kids, and Princess Diana went so far as to say that he was “self-centered” and only cared about himself.

Even Prince Charles’ private secretary urged him to spend more time with his young boys. We can only imagine how deeply Princess Diana was hurt by Prince Charles and how he wasn’t the type of father to make time to spend with his kids, which they so badly wanted and deserved.

Prince Charles’ role as a father changed after Princess Diana’s death

When Princess Diana unexpectedly passed away in 1997, Prince William was only 15 and Prince Harry was only 12. They were obviously devastated by her death.

Suddenly, Prince Charles was faced with the role of being their only parent. Yet, he didn’t have a good track record.

However, ABC News reports that things changed after Princess Diana died, and Prince Charles improved his image. He spent some time in Africa with his boys and began forming a closer relationship with them, tending to their needs more than he had in the past.

Nowadays, it seems that Prince Charles has a much relationship with both his sons, which surely makes them both extremely happy.