Why Priyanka Chopra Sometimes ‘Gets Mad’ at Nick Jonas When He Is on ‘The Voice’

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been married since December 2018. The couple seems to be going strong and is reportedly still in their “honeymoon phase.”

However, that does not mean disagreements between them never occur. Jonas recently started working on The Voice, and he revealed Chopra sometimes “gets mad” at him for something he does as a coach on the show. This problem has led him to change his behavior a bit to keep Chopra happy.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra | Gotham/GC Images

Nick Jonas joined ‘The Voice’ as a new coach on season 18

In October 2019, news broke that Jonas would be joining The Voice as a new coach. Although Jonas is younger than many people who have been coaches on the show, he has been part of the music industry since he was a child. Meredith Ahr, president of Universal Television Alternative Studios, told Entertainment Weekly that “Nick’s success in navigating all aspects of the music industry is exceptional” and that the network was “so impressed by his innate musicality, technical aptitude and passion that he brought to Songland.”

He debuted on season 18 of The Voice in February 2020. Jonas’ approach to coaching included “talking to the artist as a team mate and not as a coach” and using his famous brothers as advisers to help his team.

Priyanka Chopra is a huge fan of ‘The Voice’

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Chopra seems to have been nothing but supportive of her husband’s new job. After all, she has shared that she herself is a huge fan of The Voice.

“I’m a big fan anyway of The Voice and I had to introduce Nick earlier to the rules,” Chopra told the Mumbai Mirror after Jonas was announced as the new coach. She also that Jonas is “a natural mentor” and extremely “gifted” at what he does.

Additionally, since The Voice is often filmed in Los Angeles where Chopra and Jonas reside, Chopra also admitted it is nice for them to be in one place together as opposed to traveling the world.

Nick Jonas says Priyanka Chopra ‘gets mad’ at him when he tells her spoilers

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Since Chopra loves The Voice, it is not surprising that she has been following season 18 closely. In fact, Chopra likes watching the show so much that she has tried to stop Jonas from telling her spoilers.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Jonas revealed that, because of the time difference between the American coasts, those living in California often find out the results hours later. As a result, Jonas tries not to spoil what happens on the show for his wife.

“She gets mad because we go live from the East Coast and we’re in time delay for the West Coast,” Jonas said. “She loves the show so much that she gets mad if I say anything about what happened. So I stay quiet for three hours till the results are actually on live. Otherwise she is very unhappy with me.”