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The effort to balance parenthood and career is a difficult one to navigate for many, but it can be especially complicated for women whose careers are so focused on their bodies. Models, athletes, and actors are particularly pushed and pulled when it comes to decisions about motherhood.

Choosing to have a child can mean the loss of work and disruption of planned performances and roles. The pressure to bounce back physically after pregnancy is also particularly pressing for celebrity women. 

That’s why actor Priyanka Chopra’s honest response to questions about plans to grow her family is so refreshing and empowering. 

Priyanka Chopra is married to Nick Jonas

Chopra has spent much of her life in the spotlight. She entered the Miss India pageant in 2009 and went on to win Miss World. She credits this as a stepping stone into her acting career, and she went on to take Bollywood by storm. She played a wide range of roles and eventually made the leap into Hollywood acting. 

She officially met pop superstar Nick Jonas at an all-star party in 2017, but the pair had been engaged in some flirtatious texting beforehand. The couple is a fan favorite who frequently appear in adorable social media pictures that have fans cooing about their own “couple goals.” While their adorable relationship is certainly inspiring, it’s not without struggles. 

Both Chopra and Jonas have demanding schedules to keep up with their respective famous careers, and that means that they often spend a lot of time apart. They work hard to spend time with their extended families whenever possible, and they check in via technology when they can’t physically be together. 

Sister-in-law Sophie Turner has announced a pregnancy 

Many women — famous and not — have faced questions about when they’re going to have a baby following their wedding days. Chopra is no exception, and now the attention on her family size is even more focused. This is in part because Sophie Turner, who is married to Nick Jonas’ brother Joe Jonas, is expecting. 

With her sister-in-law announcing a pregnancy just nine months after getting married, even more people are speculating when Chopra might be interested in following the path to motherhood herself. While the question might be irritating to many — and an unfair question to pose to any woman — Chopra is clear that she does see motherhood as part of her future. She wants to have a family, but that doesn’t mean we should expect an announcement about her own pregnancy anytime soon. 

Priyanka Chopra is honest about the struggles 

While Chopra has been clear that she does intend to have a family, she is equally clear that it is not a simple decision. In an interview with Tatler — where she landed the cover for the May issue — Chopra opens up about the challenges of balancing her goals of motherhood with her career demands and aspirations. 

“‘Right now, this year’s really packed for me in terms of the work that I’m doing and the work that I’ve taken on,” Chopra explained. “But having a family is very important to me and it always has been. It is something that I definitely want to do and I’m hoping that whenever God wills it, at the right, opportune time, it’ll happen.”

She also discussed the efforts she and Jonas take to make sure their relationship stays a priority in the midst of their busy schedules and demanding careers. Obviously, having a baby would be an added obligation to this kind of careful balance.

Chopra’s honesty about how much her career and her own individual goals are factoring into her choices about becoming a parent is refreshing. Often, women feel they can’t be open about the challenges because society tells them they are “supposed” to sacrifice for motherhood. Chopra’s intentional efforts to create a balance is a model for women everywhere.