Why ‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Said No to ‘The Bachelor’

Property Brothers has been on HGTV since 2011, meaning we’ve been watching Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott fix up houses for eight years. For a lot of fans, this might beg the question — how can Jonathan still be single? Many fans find the Scott brothers pretty easy on the eyes, so what gives?

It turns out the Jonathan Scott has actually been invited to star on The Bachelor several times, but he turned them down. While fans would probably love to see Scott star on the show and possibly find true love, Scott seemed less than enthused at the concept, and here’s why.

Jonathan Scott’s dating history

Jonathan Scott’s most recent romantic entanglement was with Jacinta Kuznetsov, who he met at a 2015 charity gala. Apparently, it wasn’t love at first sight for Kuznetsov at all. In an interview with People, Kuznetsov said, “I kind of shrugged him off at first.”

Interestingly enough, it sounds as if Kuznetsov put Scott through the wringer during their first date. “I felt this overwhelming urge to learn everything about Jacinta, but I didn’t want to delve too deep on a first date and come across as pushy. So I asked about her career and fished for any similarities,” explained Scott. “The conversation was pretty routine for first-round pleasantries— when all of a sudden, she dropped a bomb.” Apparently, Kuznetsov told Scott, “‘Ugh! You ask the worst questions. Ask something interesting.’”

However, things took a turn the next day. “At that point I discovered I had it all wrong. Jacinta is the most sarcastic person I’d ever met,” said Scott. “We decided it was worth starting fresh and attempted a new first date the following night. I promised to drop the drama and she pledged to set aside the sass. It turned out to be the beginning of something truly special.

The couple ended their relationship in 2018, and Kuznetsov is now engaged to someone else. However, it seems the couple are still good friends.

Turning down some big offers

Jonathan Scott has turned down The Bachelor three times. “I’ve been asked twice to go on The Bachelor — and once in Canada as well —and I was like, ‘It would literally be my nightmare to be put on display and dated out. It’s the opposite of anything I have ever wanted,” Scott told People.

His brother, Drew Scott, seemed to agree. Drew explained to Us Weekly, “He don’t need that. Anyway, I think right now he’s just focusing on what we’re doing, the shows, we’re launching our first kids’ book next month, which is exciting. Eventually he’ll have time and then I’ll pawn him off for a dating show or something.”

Keeping it real

Apparently, Jonathan Scott prefers to keep his dating life on a more person-to-person scale. It seems as if the contractor is just as opposed to online dating as he is to appearing on the reality television show.

“My friends always say, ‘Oh you have to try it,’” said Scott in an interview with People. “But I’m like, ‘No.’ There’s nothing in me that wants to do that. I mean, yes, people can find love on those apps, but for me, no.”

But that doesn’t mean the star is giving up on romance any time soon. In fact, it sounds as if he might be quite the romantic. “I’m very blessed in a lot of ways. I can buy what I want and I can go anywhere in the world. But at the end of the day, coming home to that one person that you know has your back, there’s no better feeling.”