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Queen Elizabeth has been in the public eye since the day she was born. The only life she has ever known is a life of luxury, living in lavish palaces and castles, wearing to die for clothes and jewelry, and basically having anything she could ever want or need.

Being the queen definitely comes with its perks – as it turns out, she can do practically anything that she pleases. While her majesty puts forth a strict set of rules and protocols for the rest of the royal family, we must keep in mind that as the matriarch, she doesn’t have anyone to answer to.

Most things are done the way the queen wants them to be, and she is usually the one in control. One of the most interesting facts about the queen is that she is exempt from some pretty basic rules that everyone else legally has to follow. So, why is it that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have a passport or a driver’s license?

There are quite a few rules that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have to follow

Queen Elizabeth II waves during a walk about around Windsor.
Queen Elizabeth II | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Some rules are so common that it wouldn’t even occur to anyone to question them. However, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth is pretty much allowed to break the majority of rules that the rest of us have to adhere to!

So, what can she do that others can’t do? According to Bright Side, there is a list of rules that she can ignore if she wants to.

For instance, her majesty doesn’t have to worry about sticking to the speed limit. With that being said, she has never been known to compromise her safety or anyone else’s by speeding down the road.

In addition, the queen isn’t required to pay taxes, although she doesn’t abuse that law either, and has been voluntarily paying for over 25 years.

One of the most interesting things? Queen Elizabeth has the right to break any law she chooses. Of course, she doesn’t do this and chooses to follow a lot of the same rules of the country that everyone else is required to as well.

Queen Elizabeth is well-traveled and often drives herself to different places

She is the queen, after all, so we would only expect that her majesty has visited more than a few places around the world. Reader’s Digest reports that since she has been on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has made official visits to over 120 different countries, and that is only for business purposes.

It is pretty safe to say that she has had some wonderful experiences, and has seen so many different cultures around the world. Although the queen doesn’t drive on public roads anymore due to her age, she hasn’t always relied on her staff to take her from place to place.

It turns out that she used to really enjoy driving, and had been spotted behind the wheel pretty often.

Why Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have a passport or driver’s license

We know that over the years, Queen Elizabeth has traveled extensively. What has she never had to worry about that the rest of us do? Getting a passport photo taken or standing in line to renew her driver’s license!

That’s right, the queen doesn’t need either one, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Why is this? Well, as it turns out, all passports are issued in her name, so she is not required to have one.

The queen also does not have to have a license plate on her car or have a driver’s license to be on the road. We have to say that being the queen definitely allows her some conveniences, and we are actually a little envious of the privileges she gets to enjoy.