Why ‘RHONY’ Alum Bethenny Frankel Predicts A Rise in Reality TV and Influencer Stars

Bethenny Frankel became a famous face during her time as a cast member on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New York. Announcing her departure from the reality show in August, Frankel is now focusing on creating new programming with media mogul Mark Burnett as well as her philanthropic efforts through her BStrong foundation.

With the coronavirus crisis putting a halt to businesses nationwide including production of scripted films and televisions shows, Frankel is predicting that viewers are going to see a surge of reality stars and influencers.

Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo interviews Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Bravo TV alum shifts her use of social media

Frankel has been tirelessly working to raise funds and bring aid through her BStrong foundation to those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. With her focus on helping others during the pandemic, the Real Housewives alum revealed that she has little time to worry about her appearance.

“I’m just posting the truth of what’s going on, because I’ve never done more television interviews with a ponytail and barely brushed teeth before,” Frankel told W Magazine, commenting that the health crisis is prompting the masses to take stock of their priorities. “I think this is a global reset and everyone I know personally who I respect and care about, cares about the right things and they’re realizing what’s important.”

Frankel’s current mission has inspired her reevaluate her own use of reality television and social media. “I am the first one to say that I have been in reality TV in a superficial way,” she admitted. “I’ve never loved social media. I love social media for relief work, because it’s a switchboard, and it’s how I learn how people are living and dying, and getting solutions.”

Bethenny Frankel sees reality boom

Recently speaking to Yahoo! Finance, the Skinnygirl founder commented on the influx of scripted shows usually being the norm in entertainment.

“More recently, scripted television has completely exploded,” Frankel said. “There’s so much content, I need an assistant just to tell me what shows I should be watching.”

Yet with the global pandemic shutting down major studios, the former RHONY star sees the Hollywood halt as a golden opportunity for wannabe reality stars and influencers who don’t need to depend on big-time producers to create content or provide funding.

“I think now [amid coronavirus], it’s the unscripted shows—run-and-gun types of shows that can just pick up a camera, do things at home,” Frankel explained. “That’s why cooking is so huge right now, because people can just get their ingredients together, pick up a camera, and provide great content. I think it’s going to be a very interesting shift that will last for a long time, based on people being at home.”

Golden opportunity for aspiring influencers

With Credit Suisse forecasting that “traditional media will consider reducing the number of episodes in a series, canceling projects that would become too expensive… or reducing production quality (fewer locations and actors, smaller special effects budget, and so on),” Frankel’s prediction may be right on the money.

The former reality star sees the slowdown in scripted show business as an open door for aspiring influencers, especially with the plethora of online options to create content such as the latest mega popular app TikTok.

“I do think it will be, in many ways, a level playing field,” Frankel said. “People can find their way in now, because it’s a whole new world order. People who had no place in the playing field can get in.”

Despite the new opportunities, Frankel also advises those wanting to launch a reality career to be prepared to work hard. “Let’s see who really can run in this environment, not in the Instagram filter, look-how-cute-I-look, gross world we live in,” she said. “It’s going to be, Who works hard? Who works their ass off? That’s who’s going to be successful.”

For more information on Frankel’s relief efforts, visit the Bstrong foundation website.