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Bad news for American Horror Story fans — Variety reports that Sarah Paulson will not have a lead role in the show’s upcoming season, American Horror Story: 1984. Why is Sarah Paulson taking a step back from AHS? Will Evan Peters star in this new season? Here’s what we know about FX’s horror series.

Sarah Paulson
Actress Sarah Paulson | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Up until this point, Sarah Paulson starred in every season of FX’s series, ‘American Horror Story’

What is American Horror Story without Sarah Paulson? The actress portrayed notable characters in all eight seasons of FX’s series. That includes reporter Lana Winters, witch Cordelia Foxx, and even conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler. Paulson enjoyed recognition from fans and critics alike, earning five Emmy Award nominations for her roles on American Horror Story.

Now, about eight years since its creation, it’s time for the actress to take a step down from FX’s horror series. According to Variety, Sarah Paulson will not have a lead role in the show’s eighth season, entitled American Horror Story: 1984. However, sources say a cameo from the actress is possible.

Evan Peters American Horror Story
Evan Peters | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will most likely not return to ‘American Horror Story: 1984’

Sarah Paulson is not the only actor stepping down from FX’s series. Another fan favorite, Evan Peters, will not return to American Horror Story for their newest season. He has also had a lead role every season of the horror series — until now, at least. In an interview with GQ, Evan Peters explained that working on Pose and American Horror Story took a toll on his mental health.

“It’s been all a massive stretch for me and really difficult to do,” Evan Peters said. “It’s hurting my soul and Evan as a person. There’s this massive amount of rage that’s been called upon from me, and the emotional stuff that’s been called on me for Pose has been heartbreaking, and I’m sick. I don’t feel good.”

Some AHS alumni will most likely return for the show’s newest season. That includes Cody Fern, who played Michael Langdon in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Emma Roberts, who starred as Madison Montgomery, Maggie Esmerelda, and Serena Belinda, will portray one of the main characters in American Horror Story: 1984.

Sarah Paulson and Billy Eichner
Sarah Paulson and Billy Eichner | Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What other shows and movies will Sarah Paulson star in?

After starring in over 80 episodes of American Horror Story, it was finally time for this actress to move on. She found success starring alongside Sandra Bullock for the trendy thriller movie, Birdbox. According to Variety, Sarah Paulson is currently filming the upcoming FX series about the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, entitled Mrs. America.

Additionally, she is working alongside AHS creator, Ryan Murphy, for the Netflix series Ratched, a show based on the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In terms of movies, Sarah Paulson will star in upcoming features like Run, The Goldfinch, and animated film Abominable.

FX’s American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on September 18, 2019.