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In Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, Roberta Pache is still upset with her fiancé, Garrick Merrifield, for dating another woman. Now Roberta, Garrick, and Dannielle are together in Brazil, having tough and emotional conversations about their future. This was when fans started pointing out the similarities between how Roberta is acting and how the Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, acts. How similar are Roberta and Robyn?

Roberta Pache cries as she talks with her fiancé, Garrick, and her sister wife, and Dannielle Merrifield on the beach during 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4.
Roberta Pache, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

The Merrifield’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ journey

Last season, Garrick, a practicing Chrisitan, claimed that God had led him to live a polygamous lifestyle. They began communicating with Roberta, who is from Brazil.

Through the help of a translation app, Garrick and Roberta get serious. So serious that Garrick made plans to bring Roberta from Brazil to the United States to be with them. To do so, Danielle had to get divorced from Garrick, so they could apply for the K-1 (fiancé) visa to bring her to Colorado.

Fast forward to Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, and Roberta is still not in the US. Danielle claims that God told her that they should start seeking another wife while they wait for Roberta. So they start dating a woman, Lea. However, there was zero chemistry, and they decided to part ways. Of course, this caused a lot of jealousy on Roberta’s part.

Roberta doesn’t want Garrick dating anyone else

With Roberta’s visa expiring soon, Garrick and Dannielle are worried that Roberta has cold feet. In the August 22 episode, they pack their bags and meet Roberta in Rio to help move her along in the process. Roberta decided to move to Colorado to be with them, but she told them how difficult it was for her to see Garrick dating Lea. She wants to have a “special moment” with Garrick.

Garrick tells her he won’t date or court any potential new wives until they’re married. He tells the cameras, “The reason I end up agreeing and saying it’s a good idea to not court and date anybody [is] because we love Roberta with all of our heart. I want her to come to America and us to be a family.”

Dannielle tells the cameras, “I wouldn’t say that I feel like Roberta’s out of line to not want to continue dating right now. She needs an adjustment period. I understand that. But at the end of the day, we obviously miscommunicated.”

Roberta’s jealous side comes out

While Roberta agreed to buy a one-way ticket to the US to be with the Merrifield family, she’s still not over Garrick dating Lea.


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In the preview for the upcoming episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Roberta tells Dannielle, “They didn’t have to get intimate. Have a date.” Garrick denies any “intimacy,” and Dannielle reassures her that it was only a kiss. She tells them, “No kisses. Friends.”

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans think Roberta is acting like ‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown

One fan compared the way Roberta was acting with Sister Wife star, Robyn Brown, who is notorious for being the “favorite wife” in her plural marriage to Kody Brown. The fan wrote (via Reddit), “Roberta is the next Robyn.” Check out the post below:

The fan wrote, “The way she cried over the next sister wife coming in was sooooooooooo much what I think Robyn does to Kody! Did anyone else notice Danielle in disbelief as Bert says to Garrick she doesn’t want him dating again and he immediately says he won’t???”

Another fan agreed, mentioning that Garrick didn’t listen to Dannielle but immediately to Roberta about trying for babies. They commented, “Just like when Danielle said please don’t try for babies until she’s here and he was like no we’re definitely going to try even if I have to spend half the time in Brazil. Then Bert was like yeah let’s wait and he was like okay for sure.”

Some fans believe that Roberta and Robyn are the wives that have the most control in their plural marriage simply because the husband listens to their concerns more. At the same time, some fans argue that these two women have nothing more in common than being in a polygamous relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on TLC and discovery+.

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