Why Self-Proclaimed ‘Roll Model’ Lizzo Is Also An Empowering Role Model

Musical superstar and Grammy winner, Lizzo is making the world a better place by encouraging women to embrace their bodies and providing hot music for us to rock while we do it. The Truth Hurts singer doesn’t just speak out against the haters. She’s become an example to women of all sizes by loving her own full-figure and refusing to be shy about it. While posting a bikini photo, Lizzo recently called herself a “roll model,” but here’s why she also deserves the title “role model.”

Lizzo had to learn to accept herself

She may be an example of self-love to million now, but Lizzo wasn’t always so confident in herself. As she told the Guardian, Lizzo had to learn to accept herself after a childhood of bad examples.

“I would watch things on television and look at magazines and I would not see myself,” she said. “When you don’t see yourself, you think something is wrong with you… “I think that took a bigger toll on me, psychologically, growing up than what anyone could have said to me.”

But don’t think that Lizzo is just using body-positivity to build a fanbase. She really believes in what she says, and she doesn’t like it when people are insincere about the movement. 

“Anybody that uses body positivity to sell something is using it for their personal gain,” she said.

Lizzo loves to show off her body

Lizzo visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show."
Lizzo | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Lizzo is totally confident about showing her body to millions of fans, even if it doesn’t look like what we’ve been told a star should look like. She recently posted a series of unapologetic bikini photos, taken while on vacation in Brazil, on her Instagram. Including a full shot of her barely covered booty, which she captioned, “Roll Model.”

But sharing revealing photos is nothing new for Lizzo. She routinely posts glamorous shots of her body to social media. Last December, she shared a series of naked photos with her followers, and they loved it! Fans immediately posted encouraging words, applauded her for normalizing body positivity, and shared how the superstar has encouraged them in their own self-confidence journey. 

As Insider reported, one user wrote, “Thank you for being unflinchingly you at all times. Gives me hope that I can be as confident as you one day. You are the ultimate goddess!”

“Lizzo gives me confidence. Let’s change societal norms, one shape at a time,” another wrote. 

Why Lizzo is a role model

Besides sharing photos, Lizzo also encourages women with her words. A quick Google search proves that she’s constantly talking about self-love and the importance of acceptance at any size.

For example, during the 2019 Glastonbury Festival, Lizzo told the crowd, “I want you to know, if you can love me, you can love your goddam self.” She then encouraged her fans to go home and look in the mirror.

She asked them to say to themselves, “I love you. You are beautiful and you can do anything.” Lizzo then asked the packed crowd to say the same mantra to their neighbor standing next to them.  

Another way Lizzo supports her fans is by using social media to host heart-to-heart discussions. Like on Instagram, when she told her fans that the sun will always shine again and even if they’re feeling down, they will feel good again. “You deserve to feel good as hell,” she said. 

It’s clear that Lizzo doesn’t just talk the talk. She lives body positivity in everything she says and does. With such a sincere example, it’s no wonder that Lizzo is making a real difference in women’s lives and the way they view their own bodies. For this reason, Lizzo very much deserves the title of Role Model.