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Shania Twain is promoting her new album, Queen of Me. She’s also preparing for her tour. Staying nourished is important for the singer, especially before a performance. The country star revealed how she prepares for concerts and the reason she doesn’t eat solid food before singing.

Shania Twain’s diet

Shania Twain sings while wearing a red outfit.
Shania Twain | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for American Heart Association

Twain stays fit by eating a well-rounded diet. She tells E! News she isn’t strict with her diet, but she does pay more attention to what she eats before going on tour.

“Closer to actual touring, I get more and more disciplined,” Twain tells E! News. “It’s a gradual thing. I don’t burn out on overdiscipline in advance. I mean, you gotta live. There’s a point where I start weaning out French fries and I start weaning in my green smoothies. But I’m always overall very [conscious] of what I eat anyway. For me, it’s more [about] balance.”

Twain tells Entertainment Tonight she tries to limit carbohydrates and eat protein. The country singer eats plenty of vegetables and drinks smoothies. She also stays active by riding horses and going on bike rides.  

Why Shania Twain doesn’t eat solid food before a performance

Twain spoke to the Today show’s Hoda Kotb about her tour preparation. She revealed that she doesn’t eat solid food on the day of a performance. The singer admits she tends to burp if she eats beforehand.

“OK, so you’re going on tour. How do you keep up the stamina, what are you eating?” asks Kotb. “I drink liquids only on show days,” says Twain. “I don’t eat solids. And if I eat on solids on a show day I burp when I sing.”

Shania Twain recalls working at McDonald’s


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Twain revealed she used to work at McDonald’s before she became famous. She tells ET Canada she enjoyed all of the jobs she had because she likes to work and stay busy.

“I worked at McDonald’s in several departments but I loved the drive-thru,” says Twain. “I always love, [saying], ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order please?’ It’s just very quite rhythmic, and I like to serve. I like to make people happy. The drive-thru was always particularly fun because you could speak to the people on the other side without seeing them.”

When asked about her favorite item from McDonald’s, she says she enjoys eating the French fries. “They make them now without animal fat,” says Twain. “My favorite station outside of the drive-thru was the fry station. I just loved to make the perfect fry. You know, the kind you see on TV. That was my mission,” she joked.

Twain says she learned a lot from working at McDonald’s. One important lesson she learned was how to provide good service. “I like good service and I learned a lot of that at McDonald’s,” Twain adds.

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