Why Sheree Whitfield Is Calling out Her Former ‘RHOA’ Co-Star Nene Leakes and ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams

The drama that Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has been involved in regarding her alleged stolen car has just expanded. Williams taped an interview with her close friend, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes, and revealed more details about what she says took place with her ex-boyfriend – who she says scammed her out of her car.

Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield
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During the interview, Leakes’s former co-star Sheree Whitfield’s name was mentioned and Whitfield is not happy about it. She’s taken to social media to ask Leakes and Williams why her name was mentioned in a story that she says does not involve her.

Jennifer Williams says her ex, whom she accuses of stealing her car, took her to a party at Sheree Whitfield’s house

Williams has been doing media rounds for the past few weeks trying to tell her side of the story regarding her ex allegedly stealing her car. Williams says he offered her to store one of her cars while she traveled and upon her return, he never gave the car back. She’s been working with a detective in Georgia, where she now resides, in trying to resolve the case. Her attorney has also been working with the FBI as Williams says her ex has a long history of scamming people out of cars, money, and ruining their credit.

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Williams sat down with Leakes for an interview at her home to delve more into the details of what happened with the car. During the conversation, Leakes asked if Williams knew of any of her ex’s friends that she could potentially contact for help – and if there were any signs that she ignored that pointed to his checkered history. Williams then revealed that he took her to a party at Whitfield’s home once.

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“I did go to a party with him at Sheree’s house, he’s cool with Sheree,” Williams said. “They are cool. She knows his and she has a birthday party and he was like, ‘Sheree is having a birthday party, it was a pajama party’ and we went.”

As Williams spoke, Leakes continued to ask whether or not Whitfield knew of his alleged scams, which Williams said she was not aware of.

Sheree Whitfield calls out Nene Leakes and Jennifer Williams for insinuating she’s associated with a potential scam 

Whitfield was not happy with Williams and Leakes discussing her in their interview, especially after she believes Leakes insinuated that she could potentially be involved or aware of Williams’s ex alleged scams.

Sheree Whitfield and Nene Leakes
Sheree Whitfield and NeNe Leakes | Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Leakes has accused Whitfield of befriending scammers and con artists before. During season 10 of RHOA, Leakes believed that Whitfield’s boyfriend at the time, Tyrone Gilliams, was a known con artist, as he was serving 10 years in prison for money fraud. Whitfield denied that he was into any related legal charge and felt that he was innocent but Leakes insisted otherwise. In fact, Leakes says that the man in question was responsible for a previous fall out between Leakes and Whitfield.

In season 4 of the show, Leakes and Whitfield had a major blowup after the man accused Leakes of trying to get better pay than Whitfield on a joint appearance that he helped to broker. Leakes denied his claims but the damage was done.

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In Leakes’s sit down with Williams, Leakes fount it odd that Whitfield knew Williams’s ex, and asked if Whitfield knew the man from Philadelphia. Ironically, Gilliams is from Philadelphia, which Whitfield believes Leakes used to draw a parallel between the two men.

Now that Whitfield’s name has been associated with a potential case of scam, she’s calling out Leakes and Williams on Instagram.

“Over the past few days I’ve received an influx of calls and text about some interviews that my name is brought into. I typically don’t indulge but… whats good @neneleakes and @jenniferwilliams,” Whitfield captioned a post on her account.

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When a follower pointed out that Williams and Leakes did not say anything negative about Whitfield, she disagreed.

Thee second video is hella shady and implying something negatively with me, Whitfield wrote. “Not a good look and I don’t appreciate it!…when ur integrity and character is in question sometimes u have to [indulge]”

The post contained several hashtags, including “You need more content” and You’re reaching,” hinting that Whitfield believes this a ploy for Leakes and Williams to get attention. Neither Leakes or Williams has responded to Whitfield’s post.