Why ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Are Eating Nachos in Support of Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans are taking sides in Kody and Christine Brown’s separation, and unfortunately for Kody, Christine has been the one receiving most of the praise. Sister Wives fans are celebrating Christine standing up to Kody by eating nachos. Here’s why.

Christine Brown stands in front of a sunset in promo photo for 'Sister Wives' Season 17 for TLC.
Christine Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Kody called ‘chubby’ Christine ‘repulsive’ for eating nachos

In the family’s memoir Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Kody penned a section about how disgusted he was by Christine during their courtship. The passage from Becoming Sister Wives reads:

“When we set out on our road trip, I was convinced that Christine was the cutest girl in the world, although she was a little chubby. Back then, I was young and superficial enough to care about physical appearances. After we’d been on the road all night, we stopped at a gas station. I’d been drinking soda pop to stay awake, and my stomach felt sour and upset. Just thinking about food made me queasy.

Christine went into the Quickie Mart and bought herself what seemed like the largest portion of chili cheese nachos that I’d ever seen. The sight of those nachos turned my stomach. I couldn’t watch her eat them. She must have been starving because she was eating so quickly, and there was chili sauce and nacho cheese everywhere.

Looking back, I hate myself for the thoughts I had at that moment, but the sight of this chubby girl in my car devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast put the brakes on our relationship. It brought out the most superficial and shallowest side of me. I still liked her — in fact, I liked her very much — but the nacho experience cooled my attraction a little — well, a lot.”

Kody Brown, ‘Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage’
‘Sister Wives’ stars, Kody Brown and Christine Brown get married in 1994.
Kody Brown and Christine Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

In Christine’s chapter, she tries to make light of the insults. She writes:

“Of course, I had no idea that I’d grossed Kody out with my nachos. I was an overweight kid who liked junk food a little too much. And of all the junk food in the world, chili cheese nachos were my favorite.”

Christine Brown, ‘Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage’

‘Sister Wives’ fans show support for Christine by eating nachos

Sister Wives Season 17 shows Christine’s transformation from a “basement wife” with weak boundaries to a robust single woman. And fans are loving it. One fan decided that they would like to celebrate Christine’s decision to leave Kody by eating the one food that he detested the most, nachos.

The fan wrote via Reddit, “I’m eating nachos while I watch next week. Who is with me?” They added, “I will eat them as unattractive-ly as possible” And, of course, fans immediately took to the idea. One user commented, “In honor of Christine and all the bulls*** she’s been through, I’ll be eating nachos too with cheese of course.”

Watching Christine eat nachos ‘cooled’ Kody’s attraction

After Kody was asked why he wrote that about his wife, he doubled down on his statement. In a tell-all episode, the host discussed Kody’s statements about Christine in the family’s memoir. “Christine may have been the wife to save the bacon, but watching her eat a plate of nachos nearly doused Kody’s growing affection for her,” she says.

'Sister Wives' stars Christine and Kody Brown in a season 17 clip from the TLC series.
Christine and Kody Brown | TLC/Twitter

An embarrassed Christine tries to make light of the situation. “I know! It was so silly. How could that cool down any relationship? Please. Me wolfing down nachos. Come on,” she says. Kody admitted that he wasn’t attracted to Christine. “I will be honest, I was not attracted to Christine in any kind of physical sense,” he tells the host.

There is obvious pain in Christine’s eyes as Kody talks. “I look back in retrospect, and I wonder, ‘Was that fair?’ But I can’t even look there because we have children together, we have a life together, we have a relationship, and we found our sweet spot,” he explains.

Kody says that being unattracted to Christine was an “understatement.” The host asks him, “Were you grossed out by her?” Kody says, “I won’t say that, but the nachos grossed me out enough to make me go, ‘OK, I’m waiting to marry her.'” Christine says to hear that from him “hurts.” She says, “It’s horrible.”

Get your nachos ready because this season is just heating up. Maybe Christine will share a chili-cheese nacho recipe on her new TLC cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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