Why Some MCU Fans Blame Odin for Thanos’ Rise to Power

In the world of the MCU, a lot of complex plot points exist that can potentially confuse the writers let alone the viewers. This never stops fans from analyzing each film to the nth degree, including connecting dots maybe the creative team never really thought about.

One such connection is Thanos’ evolution as a character and in progressing his agenda to wipe out half of all life to prevent overpopulation on earth. If many could understand why he did what he did, it might not have progressed completely under his own will.

Some fans are starting to point fingers at Odin (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the MCU) for putting this plan in place. To understand this a little better, it’s a good idea to go back and review exactly who Odin is and how he seemingly became a central figure in bringing about every tragedy.

An overview of the new Odin theory

The cast and crew of 'Avengers: Endgame'
The cast and crew of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

To do a deep dive into this new idea, one has to turn to Reddit again where a recent thread gave a complete detailed outline of how the snap leads back to Odin. Keep in mind this theory is a very roundabout one and full of a few holes others have tried to fill in.

From the outset, though, it does make sense and proves how the domino effect can place certain tragic events into motion. In many ways, it’s the dark side of the It’s a Wonderful Life theory where one person in life can make a difference in so other lives.

In this case, it’s Odin as a father to Thor, Loki, and Hela. According to the above thought, because Odin was such a terrible dad to Loki, it kicked a number of things into play.  Eventually, this led to Thanos gaining the Infinity Stones to create the snap.

The only trouble with this theory is it’s so far removed from when the snap occurred, many look at it as just an uncontrollable circumstance no lawyer could argue in court.

Do the Odin connective strings really add up?

Eight events transpired before getting to the point where Thanos finally wiped out half of all life. All of it starts with Loki being rebellious because he didn’t want to be overshadowed by his brother, Thor. Some contend Odin was a bad father, even if one could argue there isn’t much he could do to control sibling jealousy.

It’s easy to say Odin was a bad parent for making Loki the way he was. Then again, this points to real life and how parents are sometimes stuck in a certain position to only do the best they can. Afterward, it’s up to the children to not behave like a monster.

At least Loki didn’t turn as bad as Thanos himself, despite his rebellious behavior kicking into gear the Scepter coming to earth. To continue the domino falls, this led to Wanda Maximoff’s powers, Stark creating Ultron, Sokovia being destroyed due to Ultron, leading to Zemo starting civil war. In turn, Thanos was only able to get the Infinity Stones due to the Avengers conflict.

If confused, others argued the case against blaming Odin. A few pointed to a shorter path between Odin and Thanos succeeding at his plan.

Some say the blame precedes Odin


Another theory says Thanos obtaining the Infinity Stones was simply because Odin couldn’t protect the Nine Realms forever as he aged. Yet another theory says if one has to blame Odin, then everyone might as well blame Odin’s father, Bor, for bringing him into existence.

This argument alone blows a big hole into any Reddit thread theory trying to blame one person to set off a particular event. Many other threads exist as well trying to pin blame on certain characters for setting off convoluted events leading to the Avenger deaths.

In truth, everyone played a part to some degree, mostly unknowingly. Had the Avengers had all-knowing capabilities like The Eternals, things wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting as a result. Not that this doesn’t pin the thought omniscient Thanos likely knew what his fate would be, despite initially succeeding at The Decimation.