Here’s Why Some ‘Real Housewives’ Fans Think Teresa Giudice is a Bad Mother

Teresa Giudice has been through a lot in the past few years. But one thing that remains steady in her life is her love for her four daughters. However, despite her saying she always puts her daughters first, some fans and critics alike have doubted Giudice’s parenting abilities. Here’s why some think she’s a bad mother.

Teresa Giudice daughters

This Christmas Eve photo of Giudice with her daughters received some harsh criticism. | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

Giudice loves to gush about her daughters on social media

Giudice always has wonderful things to say about her kids on social media. She is clearly a proud parent and always gushes about their accomplishments. Giudice posts photos of each child for their birthdays, and it’s evident through her posts that she loves spending time with her daughters. She has even posted the girls’ school photos on her Instagram as any proud mother would. However, every photo always comes with some degree of criticism about Giudice’s parenting skills.

But some are quick to address the way she allows her daughters to dress

When Giudice posted a photo of her with her daughters on Christmas Eve, many people were quick to notice the dress Milania Giudice was wearing. Milania Giudice is only 12 years old, yet some thought the dress she was wearing looked suited for someone much older. One person commented, “Milania is not grown up. She’s like 12 years old. Too fast.” Another person shared the same thoughts and said, “My mom would beat my a– if I wore a dress like that for Christmas.” The comments section of the photo was doused in negativity, with others saying things such as, “C’mon Teresa, really?” and “Why is that child dressed like that?”

Giudice’s photos of her daughters have been criticized before because of the outfit choice. When Gia Giudice wore a spaghetti strap romper on her first day of school, plenty of people had harsh words about the outfit.

Teresa Giudice Audriana

Giudice with her youngest daughter, Audriana. | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

People have also pointed out the amount of makeup her young daughters wear — and question why Giudice allows it

In other photos Giudice has posted of her daughters, the amount of makeup has been the issue. When she posted a photo last summer with her youngest daughter, Audriana, people noticed that the nine year old appeared to be wearing a lot of makeup. One user commented, “Is it just me or do all her young daughters wear makeup in these pictures?” The comment got several likes. Another user wrote, “Why so much makeup at such a young age?” In another summer photo with her oldest daughter, Gia, users were astonished at how tan her daughter looked and once again made hasty comments toward Giudice’s parenting skills. While there are plenty of comments that show love to Teresa and her family, there are also plenty that question Giudice as a mother.

Teresa Giudice Gia Giudice

Giudice with her oldest daughter, Gia | Teresa Giudice via Instagram

Plus, some have claimed she didn’t put her family first when she participated in tax and bankruptcy fraud

In addition to allowing her young daughters to dress and wear makeup beyond their age, many people have showed pity for Giudice’s young daughters in that their parents didn’t think about their children when they committed their crimes. On any given photo Giudice posts, there are always several comments about her past and how it has led her to be a bad mother. One user simply wrote “Convict” on one of Giudice’s photos. Although there is no question that Giudice loves each of her daughters, not everyone is convinced she has made the best decisions as a parent.

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