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Stevie Nicks released her album The Other Side of the Mirror in 1989. On the album, Nicks included a duet with Bruce Hornsby called “Two Kinds of Love.” While making the album, Nicks decided she wanted Hornsby to sing “Two Kinds of Love” with her.

Stevie Nicks walks on stage wearing a black long-sleeved outfit
Stevie Nicks | Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Stevie Nicks released ‘Two Kinds of Love’ on ‘The Other Side of the Mirror’

The Other Side of the Mirror is Nicks’ fourth studio album as a solo artist. Rupert Hine produced the album and it features 12 tracks. “Two Kinds of Love” is the third track of the album and is a duet with Hornsby.

According to Music Spotlight Magazine, Nicks “began writing ‘Two Kinds of Love’ during a tour with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty in 1986.”

The magazine reports that while Nicks recorded the album with Hine, Hine “sang a line of the song to demonstrate how he wanted her to phrase it.”

“And so we got used to listening to a man and woman sing this song,” Nicks said in Music Spotlight Magazine.

Stevie Nicks wanted Bruce Hornsby to sing on ‘Two Kinds of Love’

After hearing Hine sing “Two Kinds of Love,” Nicks decided the song would sound best as a duet instead of a solo track. This led to her choosing Bruce Hornsby to be featured on the song.

According to Music Spotlight Magazine, “Though Hornsby added his lines to Stevie’s pre-recorded track, when he was finished she insisted that they sing the choruses together. ‘It was very important, because I wanted it to sound like we were really standing onstage singing,’ she said.”

Hornsby is a pianist known for his work as a solo artist and with different groups including the Grateful Dead.


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What is ‘Two Kinds of Love’ about?

“Two Kinds of Love” was written by Nicks, Hine, and Rick Nowels. While The Other Side of the Mirror was commercially successful, “Two Kinds of Love” became Nicks’ first single to not chart.

In addition to being a duet with Hornsby, Kenny G has a saxophone interlude on the song. In “Two Kinds of Love,” Nicks and Hornsby sing back and forth to one another about a relationship.

“Who in the world do you think that you are fooling/ Well I’ve already done everything that you are doing/ Well the two of us, well we must be/ A great temptation to have even started/ Well don’t you know, as you walk on by/ That great temptations never really die/ Ooh the two of us/ Estranged sometimes for their very survival/ Outraged at each other engaged to each other in their hearts/ But they live apart,” the two sing in “Two Kinds of Love.”