Why Tenille Townes Calls Reba McEntire a ‘Legend off Stage Too’

Country singer Tenille Townes’s career has been on a swift trajectory over the past few years. She recently served as the opening act for Reba McEntire on her Reba: Live in Concert tour. The singer discussed her new EP, thoughts on touring with a “Queen of country,” and why she calls McEntire “a legend off stage too.”

Wearing a black dress, Reba McEntire poses with Tenille Townes during the 2019 CMA Artist of the Year in Nashville, TN
Reba McEntire and Tenille Townes | John Shearer/Getty Images for CMT/Viacom

Tenille Townes was shocked to find a handwritten note in her dressing room

Opening for a legend like Reba McEntire could be nerve-wracking. During a recent appearance on the PEOPLE Everday Podcast, Townes shared what it’s like being on tour with the 67-year-old icon.

The Canadian singer said opening for McEntire is a “dream.” She shared, “She just makes everyone feel so loved up there on stage.” She continued, “And she’s got this incredible legacy of music that’s just carried everybody through the years.”

Townes also told the host how McEntire made her feel welcome on tour. “Off stage,” she shared “she’s a legend too.”

“She had this handwritten note waiting in my dressing room and this beautiful gift that said that she was so happy to have me out at these shows, and she was just cheering for my music and my path. It really was so kind. It meant so much.” 

Choosing to keep some things to herself, Townes did not share the contents of the gift or handwritten note.

Townes new EP, ‘Masquerades,’ is out now

Lemonade Stand, Townes’s first album, was released in 2020. Since then, she’s released two more studio albums, and her new EP Masquerades dropped on April 22. Her successful single “When’s It Gonna Happen” is included on the EP.  

During the podcast interview, the two-time ACM Award winner said, “I’m really, really excited to have kind of rounded the bend towards this new season of music.” Masquerades is a vulnerable effort from Townes, delving more into her personal life.

 “I could not help the way that they were just coming out more personally,” Townes said. “So I was terrified as I was writing those titles down, going, am I really saying these things in this song? But, yes, I am. And it feels good.”

Townes will be back on the road soon. She is scheduled to open for Brad Paisley during multiple dates on his summer tour. Darius Rucker also just added Townes to his summer tour. 

Reba McEntire is writing a lifestyle book ‘my fans are going to love it’

Not one to stay still for too long, McEntire is currently writing a lifestyle book

In a press release from Harper Celebrate, she said, “I’m so excited to partner with the Harper Celebrate team to create my first lifestyle book where I will share stories, behind the scenes photos, some of my favorite recipes and life lessons I’ve learned over the years,” She continued, “I know my fans are going to love it!”

Micahel Aulisio, vice president and publisher at Harper Celebrate, said, “Reba is universally beloved for her talent, humor, and unapologetic authenticity.”

“This book will offer readers a seat at Reba’s table as she shares her hard-earned wisdom on what it means to live a good life.” Auslisio promised McEntire’s joyful personality would come through as well, “and let me assure you, there will be a lot of fun had along the way.”

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