Why ‘The Challenge’ Star Nany González Calls Best Friend Kailah Casillas Her ‘Mirror’ and ‘Shadow’

Eight-time Challenge veteran Nany González and five-time Challenge competitor, Kailah Casillas, have never competed in a season together until the upcoming The Challenge: Total Madness.

After filming, the two moved into a South Florida apartment together, where they currently reside around three months later. In an Instagram post promoting the new season, Nany called her best friend and co-star her “mirror” and “shadow.” 

Nany González
Nany González | Keith Mayhew

Nany González and Kailah Casillas on ‘The Challenge’

In 2012, Real World: Las Vegas star Nany González debuted on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. After two seasons, she made it to the finals in Free Agents and earned $35,000 for her second-place finish.

To date, the New York-native has yet to reach the finals again, although she came dangerously close in Rivals III, War of the Worlds, and War of the Worlds 2. Originally from Real World: Go Big or Go Home, Florida-native Kailah Casillas premiered on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions.

She came extremely close to making the finals in Dirty 30 and placed fourth in Vendettas, earning $25,625. In Challenge spinoff, Champs vs. Stars, Kailah competed alongside her childhood idol, Nickelodeon star Drake Bell and they raised almost $1,500 for charity.

Kailah Casillas and Nany González moved in with each other

The two filmed The Challenge: Total Madness from October to December 2019, and Kailah allegedly cheated on her longtime boyfriend, Michael “Mikey P” Pericoloso, with co-star Stephen Bear during the show.

She then spent time with her new love interest in his native UK and met his friends and family. After a public Twitter exchange with a confused and seemingly heartbroken Mikey P, the two decided to break up, and she moved out of their Las Vegas apartment and relocated back to Florida.

The Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star and Nany, who lived in Arizona at the time, moved into a South Florida apartment together. They, alongside Challenge veteran Marie Rhoda, hang out often and document their times together on Instagram.

Currently, Kailah is dating Ex on the Beach star Sam Bird, and he stayed with them for around a week in January 2020. Nany publicly approves of the union.

The Challenge stars have gotten so close that many fans questioned if the RW: Las Vegas star replaced her best friend and MTV star Jenna Compono with Kailah. However, both have denied those rumors and assured those concerned that they are still very close.

Nany González called Kailah Casillas her ‘mirror’ and ‘shadow’

At the beginning of March, MTV finally announced The Challenge: Total Madness premiere date and cast. Nany Photoshopped her cast picture alongside Kailah’s in an Instagram photo and captioned it, “In life, have a friend that’s like a mirror and shadow.”

She explained a mirror “doesn’t lie” and a shadow “never leaves.” The Lindsay Lohan Beach Club star replied to the post stating that she loves her, and Nany responded, “love you most.”

Since the two moved in with each other after filming wrapped, it’s apparent they forged a close bond during the show. The Challenge: Total Madness premieres April 1, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.