Why ‘The View’ Star Meghan McCain Called Herself ‘The Biggest Cliché’

Meghan McCain has had plenty to talk about since her return to The View on Jan. 4. With a new president in office and the political climate still at a tumult, the conservative co-host isn’t at a loss for Hot Topics on the daytime talk show.

The ABC star recently took to social media to bring up a subject outside of politics, referring to herself as somewhat commonplace in this area.

Meghan McCain of 'The View'
Meghan McCain of ‘The View’ | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Meghan McCain is loving motherhood

McCain and her husband, Ben Domenech, welcomed their first child, daughter Liberty Sage, on Sept. 28. The View star remained on maternity leave until the show made its 2021 premiere in January. McCain joked about her return right before New Year’s, facetiously noting the active news cycle while she was off the air.

“It’s almost time,” she tweeted on Dec. 30. “I’m so excited to take my spot as the conservative seat back at the Hot Topics table (virtually) on The View on Monday. Did I miss anything while on maternity leave?”

Though she was eager to return to The View panel, McCain relished her time with her newborn.

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“I’ve been loving every moment with Liberty and have been so appreciative of the time ABC has given me,” McCain told People in early January. “There has been so much that has happened since Liberty’s arrival so I’m so excited to bring my perspective back to The View. Also, I miss my co-hosts!”

‘The View’ star commemorates Liberty’s 4-month milestone

Marking her daughter’s four-month birthday on Thursday, McCain raved about motherhood on social media while labeling herself as a parental “cliché”.

“My little wildcat Liberty is four months old today…. and I’m the biggest cliche,” McCain tweeted on Jan. 28. “Motherhood is indescribably magical, paradigm shifting bliss. Grateful every single minute for this beautiful blessing in our lives.”

Since McCain’s return to The View, she has also become a voice for paid parental leave. “This is something that’s really, a really dark spot for our country,” McCain said. “We are the only developing nation that doesn’t supply women with paid family leave.”

Ben Domenech has taken well to daddyhood

Apparently, McCain isn’t the only one in her household enjoying a new role. According to her December 2020 Instagram post, McCain’s husband is thriving as a dad.

“You are the most loving, supportive, nurturing husband I could dream of and my constant teammate and partner no matter what chaos is thrown at us,” McCain McCain wrote in praise of Domenech. “There is nothing sexier than watching you become a father. I love the way Liberty responds to your voice – it’s like you have a secret language you speak to one another.”

The View co-host wasn’t shy about expressing her gratitude for her husband in an earlier post when Liberty was just a few weeks old.

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“Thank you to my love Ben for giving me this gift and taking the leap on this wonderful and petrifying adventure together,” McCain wrote. “I love our little family and I have never felt more blessed, present and grateful.”

Fans are hoping McCain will keep them updated on Liberty’s latest milestones.