Why ‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Could Be Just the Show We Need Right Now

The Wonder Years is a beloved ABC series that resonated with fans across many generations. The show, which aired in the late 1980s and early 1990s, combined drama, comedy, and a hint of wistfulness. Many media buffs have a permanent place in their hearts for the series, which focused on a ’60’s-era American family with a youngster named Kevin Arnold at the center. Now, ABC will revive the series in 2021, but with a different ’60s family in the spotlight. And based on what we know so far about it, The Wonder Years reboot could be a breath of fresh air for TV lovers. Here’s why.

'The Wonder Years'
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‘The Wonder Years’ reboot appeals to a sense of nostalgia

When talking about The Wonder Years, many fans reminisce about watching it three decades ago. Thinking about watching the show during its initial run conjures warm feelings and memories for many viewers.

The Wonder Years reruns are on, and I didn’t realize how much of the dialogue I still remember word for word,” one watcher tweeted.

There’s no shortage of tweets about memorable storylines, characters, and moments from The Wonder Years. What’s more, the news of the reboot has spurred a wave of now-adult fans who watched as children to introduce their kids to the original show before the new version drops.

“We finished introducing our three oldest to The Wonder Years,” tweeted an enthusiast, “They loved it! After all these years, still mixed feelings about that finale. And not about Kevin and Winnie.”

The reboot has creative hit-makers in the driver’s seat

As dished by Deadline, The Wonder Years reboot has some powerful creative minds with strong track records of success behind the project. Leading the charge are Lee Daniels and Saladin K. Patterson. Daniels is well-known for directing and producing feature films, including Precious and Lee Daniels’ The Butler, as well as creating the FOX primetime drama, Empire. Patterson is a seasoned television writer and producer who has worked extensively on series, including Frasier, The Bernie Mac Show, Psych, and The Big Bang Theory, among other hits.

Also in the mix is Fred Savage, who starred as Kevin in The Wonder Years. After his stint on the show, Savage remained a fixture in Hollywood, picking up acting gigs over the years. But where he really made his mark was in the director’s chair. The former child actor has racked up numerous directing credits on shows such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, and Black-ish. Now, Savage has signed on to direct the pilot episode of The Wonder Years reboot.

Rounding out the creative team are the creators of the original show, Neal Marlens and Carol Black. They have come aboard the project as consultants.

With so many creative hit-makers attached to this reboot, it has boundless potential to become one of the next great shows on television.

‘The Wonder Years’ reboot is relevant to the current era of revolution


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One major difference Deadline noted about The Wonder Years revival is that it will focus on a Black family living in Montgomery, Alabama, during the 1960s. The shift in perspective could allow the show to be reinvented with a fresh tone rather than creating a carbon copy of the original. Also, in the current societal climate of revolution and the dominance of the Black Lives Matter Movement, a show about Black people in the South during the Civil Rights Movement might help inspire positive change while entertaining audiences. And many TV aficionados agree.

“They’re remaking The Wonder Years with a Black family, and I’m so freaking happy. Most pumped I’ve ever been for a TV remake,” tweeted a fan.