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Tupac Shakur had no trouble speaking his mind, whether his statements were controversial or not. In his brief yet prolific career, he rubbed shoulders with the best of the best, even collaborating with big names like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. But one person the Juice star reportedly refused to make music with was The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. According to a close friend of the late rapper, Tupac declined a duet with Jackson.

Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson pose for separate photos; Tupac reportedly cancelled a collaboration with Jackson when Jackson skipped a recording session
Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson pose for separate photos | Getty

Tupac Shakur reportedly left a studio session with Michael Jackson because of the singer’s unprofessionalism 

Napoleon of the Outlawz, a crew of Tupac’s friends and fellow rapper, claims alleged in a recent interview with Cam Capone News that Tupac had a scheduled session with Jackson. “‘Pac mentioned one time he was called to the studio to do a song for Michael Jackson, to lay a verse,” Napoleon said, per Hip Hop DX. “He told his mother, his family, he was excited. He went to the studio, and he’s like, ‘Where’s Michael Jackson?’

Apparently, Jackson was running late and opted not to show at the last minute. That left a bad impression on Tupac. “They said, ‘Oh he can’t come. They want you to lay the verse.’ He got up and left. And that’s Michael Jackson. He wasn’t man enough to come say hi to me and speak to me? I don’t want to get on his song,’” Napoleon added.

Source: YouTube

According to Napoleon, it didn’t matter how big Jackson’s star power was. Tupac reportedly felt the situation was unprofessional and disrespectful.

“He walked out on the opportunity because he was more about ethics and morals. Like we look up to you. ‘If you want me to be on the song, at least say hi to me.’ I don’t think ‘Pac was just doing stuff for money,” he added. “It was more personal if he get on a record with you and stuff like that. He didn’t really care about the money.”

The rapper also spoke out about his issues with Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet

Michael wasn’t the only Jackson Tupac had a problem with. He filmed the 1993 romantic drama Poetic Justice as Janet’s love interest. While he says the two had great chemistry and developed a friendship, he became offended after Janet’s cam allegedly asked him to take an AIDS for a love scene.

Source: YouTube

Janet Jackson on Working With Tupac Shakur: ‘I Adored Him’

“I don’t know if it was Janet that it came from, but suddenly, out of the blue, they wanted me to take an AIDS test for this love scene, and I did not disagree if we were really gonna make love,” he said in an interview after filming wrapped. “I said, ‘If I can make love with Janet Jackson, I’ll take four AIDS tests.’ “But if I’m gonna do a love scene with her just like somebody else did, and they didn’t take a test, I’m not taking a test. Not only am I not taking the test, but get out of my trailer.”

In the same interview, he said Janet changed her number after filming wrapped. John Singleton, the director of the movie, later came forward and said Tupac’s AIDS test story was a PR stunt.

Janet Jackson recalls fond memories of working with Tupac

While Tupac alleged their friendship disseminated after filming, Janet has nothing but positive memories about her on-screen love interest. “Pac was crazy, and I adored him so, and he was one way – I think people saw him and not to say that that wasn’t him, but he also had another side to him – he was fun and silly, and he used to call me square all the time,” Jackson said in a 2018 interview 92.3 in LA.