Why ‘Vampire Academy’ Co-Creator Marguerite MacIntyre Looks so Familiar to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans

The Peacock series Vampire Academy will bring back memories for fans who grew up in the supernatural teen craze of the 2000s. The series is based on Richelle Mead’s YA book series and a reboot of the 2014 movie. But that is not its only tie to the vampire world as it is helmed by The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec. Vampire Academy is co-created by Marguerite MacIntyre, who also had a significant role in The Vampire Diaries.

Marguerite MacIntyre played the Sheriff of Mystic Falls in ‘Vampire Diaries’

The 2009 series The Vampire Diaries was inarguably the most successful teen supernatural series to have been created since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series spanned eight seasons and developed multiple spinoffs from The Originals to Legacies. Its main cast became global sensations among fans, and Marguerite MacIntyre was a favorite.

Fans of the vampire series would have recognized MacIntyre when she was announced as a co-creator alongside Julie Plec for Vampire Academy. Before being a co-creator, she starred as Elizabeth Forbes, the Sheriff of Mystic Falls, in The Vampire Diaries.

MacIntyre had a recurring role for the series’s first six seasons before becoming a guest character for the final eighth season. Sheriff Forbes was the mother of leading character Caroline Forbes (Candice King), who becomes aware later on of the bizarre and supernatural reality of her quiet town. Fans praised her character’s ending storyline for being a peaceful and well-deserved send-off.

After MacIntyre was written off the show, she was not done with the franchise. She returned as a Staff Writer for the following spinoff series. MacIntyre now joins Plec as a co-creator on a modern spin of Vampire Academy.

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Julie Plec immediately called Marguerite MacIntyre after landing ‘Vampire Academy’

Adaptations of YA books have not done extraordinarily well since the 2000s era. But there are high hopes for Vampire Academy as Plec, MacIntyre, and the cast promise a different take on the beloved story and the movie. Before the series came to be, Plec explained its backstory as San Diego Comic-Con to Entertainment Weekly.

Back in 2007, Plec fell in love with the YA book series and had dreams of developing it into a series. But she admits no one cared for vampire stories yet. It was only after the grand success of The Vampire Diaries that, in 2021, she was able to tell Universal she wanted to make Vampire Academy into a series.

After getting the approval, Plec called MacIntyre and asked if she would jump on board. Plec says that MacIntyre said, “No, haven’t you had enough.” But MacIntyre laughs and says it is overexertion.

“I just wanted to know how we were gonna do it fresh. And I had read the books back in the day,” said MacIntyre. “I said, ‘Oh I’m really in,’ and they’re perfect for now. What an idiot I would be to not do this.” MacIntyre explains the theme of class systems, unfairness, and awareness in Vampire Academy makes for a perfect series for the current time.

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The Peacock series takes the YA books and adds more sex appeal, drama, and modernism

The YA book series and its characters became famous thanks to its supernatural story of blood-thirsty vampires, evil lurking in the dark, forbidden romances, and the hierarchy of royalty. The series will follow Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir guardian and best friend to Lissa Dragomir.

Lissa is a target as the last of the Dragomir family and is in line to rule the dominion. The higher-ups soon deem Rose and Lissa’s friendship unacceptable. In the shadows, the Strigoi look to make Lissa one of their own. There is the added drama of forbidden love.

“There are a lot of different rules than your average vampire show,” explained MacIntyre about Vampire Academy to TV Insider. “To start, the Moroi are actually mortal. They live longer than humans, but they can die. They feed, they’re very civilized, but they’re not violent. They don’t take anyone’s life, unlike the Strogoi. They’re like monsters, they’re really scary.”

But lead actor Sisi Stringer, who plays Rose, explains the series also adds a modern twist. It also breaks away the age-gap romance between Rose and Dimitri to be mature.

Vampire Academy will have 10 episodes and air on Peacock on September 15.

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